Sacrifices and Determination Key to Giti Online’ Growth

Christopher Chong has refused to let his setbacks deter him on his road to his brand Giti Online’s success. We hear from him to find out about his journey so far and what keeps him motivated on his ambitious path towards new goals.

Never give up

Everyone in the world has a dream.

But only a minority truly pursue their goals and take the action required to turn them into reality.

Starting a business is not easy and takes a lot of time and sacrifices. Many people tend to start on something and then quit a few months in.

Christopher Chong is fully aware of the sacrifices and determination required to develop a successful company.

While he has enjoyed much success with online store Giti Online Inc, there have also been many setbacks on his journey in life so far.

But the key is to keep going and stay consistent – do not let the failures deter you in achieving your vision and reaching your destination.

The biggest lesson Christopher has learned is that if you are passionate about something then you will find any means necessary to keep your passion project going.

Never forget why you started – and use your reason as fuel to continue during the difficult times.

Giti started from getting one to three orders a week to now getting thousands thanks to its great customers.

This is a wonderful example showing just why you should never give up.

Unique and trendy fashion

Giti is one of the biggest plus size retailers online. The business tries to supply further products for plus size shoppers as it sees a lot of customers requesting more of these products.

It always goes the extra mile to give the customers what they want.

Launched in 2003, Giti was created for free spirited girls who are not afraid to show off their personality through fashion.

It sells unique clothing in a vast inventory of trendy styles. The business maximizes your shopping experience by offering the latest styles in fast fashion clothing.

The company’s goal is to become a one-stop e-commerce shop that customers can purchase a full outfit from, head to toe.

Big boutiques like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing have much more reach than smaller companies but Giti is trying to bridge the gap and continue its growth.

Loyal customers

Christopher’s biggest success is starting from nothing and growing to a team of over 30 employees and counting.

The company’s year over year growth, especially during the pandemic, has been phenomenal and the team is grateful for all the loyal customers who come through week after week.

But Christopher has no plans to take it easy anytime soon.

The inspirational figure and his team are looking forward to expanding the business into more international regions in the next decade.

Year over year, the company’s international customer base is expanding and it would like to cater some more specific styles and products towards these customers around the world.

Learn from failures

Motivation comes in many forms for Christopher.

Seeing Giti’s customers posts on social media about how they were able to get their products in a timely manner and how excited they are to keep purchasing is always a great motivator for him.

Meanwhile, if he could turn back the clock and deliver a message to his 10-year-old self right now, it would be a simple one.

He would highlight the importance of continuing to try new things and remembering that not everything you try in life will succeed. However, he would emphasize that failure is a great learning experience.

It can increase your strength, knowledge and determination. Use it to your advantage.

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