5 Signs You’d Be a Great Salesperson

Did you know there are 5.7 million salespeople in the United States? It can be a rewarding career.

If you like working with people and helping them find the right products and services, a job as a salesperson might be right up your alley. The good news is there are many opportunities in the sales arena since businesses in all industries have sales and marketing departments.

Here are five signs that a career as a salesperson might be a good fit for you now or later on.

  1. You Want Your Income to Match Your Output

One sign a career in sales might be the right option for you is if you prefer a job where your pay is linked to your output. So, if you don’t want an arbitrarily set salary or an hourly wage, a job as a salesperson, where you’re paid a commission based on how much you sell, might motivate you. 

No one wants to make the same amount as a co-worker whose output is less than theirs. But your income potential in sales will depend on how well you perform, which can mean a good income potential if you have a knack for connecting with consumers and drumming up sales.

  1. You Want Skills That Are Transferable to Other Jobs and Companies

Remember that there are millions of salespeople in the country. These professionals work at small, medium, and large companies in different segments. So, if you’re seeking skills that will open up a critical mass of job opportunities, a career in sales makes sense.

  1. You Enjoy Helping People Find the Products and Services They Need

Are you customer service-oriented? If you enjoy helping people find what they need, a career as a salesperson might be the right move for you. Some people want to sell just to make a sale and collect a commission — but that’s not the sort of person who’ll ultimately succeed in the business. 

You need to be committed to helping people find what they need. That might mean sacrificing a sale to ensure that people who’ve come to you for help get the right products and services.

  1. You Can Identify Pain Points and Offer Solutions

You might also find sales a good career option if you’re good at sizing up products, identifying pain points they address, and selling these benefits to consumers who fit the demographic. 

Some products are more straightforward to sell than others. For instance, you’ll easily be able to sell consumers on the benefits of an outdoor pizza oven for family meals and dinner parties. And it won’t be hard to convince homeowners about the benefits of getting a custom outdoor kitchen. 

Showing people outdoor kitchen ideas and how an outdoor kitchen can boost real estate value will be relatively easy. But some products are a harder sell, so you’ll need to know how to explain the benefits.

  1. You Have Good People Skills

If you’re going to enjoy a career in sales, you need to have good people skills. You need to know how to win over people’s confidence so they can trust what you’re saying. It’s also vital that you learn to listen so you find out what people want so you can help them. 

When people feel you have their best interests in mind, they’re more likely to trust your recommendations. Building and nurturing relationships is essential to a successful sales career.

Based on these five points above, you now have some indication about whether a job in sales is the right option for you. If you have the interest and the know-how, it can be a great career choice.