Top SEO Tactics for Local Pest Control Companies

Worker Spraying Insecticides In Front Of Housewife

All companies need digital presences now. To ensure those online presences help their companies grow, the owners of these businesses also need to develop and implement strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. An SEO strategy helps a business’s pages rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs) when users perform relevant searches, ensuring a website is an effective tool for attracting customers.

Some types of companies particularly benefit from local SEO strategies. A local SEO strategy is one that focuses on capturing the attention of users looking for businesses in specific regions.

For example, geography may limit a pest control company’s service area. If you run such a company, keeping the following tips in mind may help you significantly enhance your current approach to SEO. For even stronger results, consider enlisting the help of professionals offering pest control SEO services.

Pest Control SEO: Strategies to Consider

Be aware that SEO best practices often change. You may need to refine your strategy over time. Generally, though, the following pest control SEO tips can help you attract more business:

Prioritize Linking

Internal linking involves including links on one page of your site to other pages. For example, on a page discussing DIY pest control tips, you might link to your service pages, highlighting the importance of hiring professionals to handle certain pest control tasks.

Internal linking draws more attention to your site’s various pages. The more viewers a page gets, the more a search engine algorithm may prioritize that page in relevant SERPs.

However, internal linking isn’t enough. You should also reach out to online publications covering local news, events, and other such local stories. Ask to submit guest pieces with links back to your site. Generating links to your site from authoritative local publications further signals to Google’s algorithm that your site offers valuable content.

Claim Your Google Business Profile

A free Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) can potentially help local users discover your business. Additionally, a Google Business Profile can offer basic information about your pest control company (such as hours and location) fairly easily. In addition, your business will be more likely to appear in Google Maps results with a Google Business Profile.

Offer Localized Content

Content marketing is a vital component of many SEO strategies. You may attract more customers if you offer content (such as blogs, vlogs, podcasts, etc.) offering value to those who might be seeking local pest control companies.

For example, you could offer blogs explaining how homeowners may guard against infestations. Doing so allows you to address a customer concern while also establishing your business’s authority.

Remember to localize your content when developing it. With the above example, you may want to focus specifically on explaining how to prevent the types of infestations that are most common in your service area.

Solicit Reviews

There’s no harm in asking happy customers to leave positive reviews of your pest control company on platforms like Google, Yelp!, and more. Positive reviews can improve SEO for any type of company.

Be Active on Social Media

Pest control SEO benefits from social media when a company’s owners use social media to engage with the community. Doing so cements your business’s reputation as a local company whose owners are familiar with the specific needs of customers in the region. Social media also provides you with an opportunity to promote your website content to a new audience.

Important Reminder: Pest Control SEO Takes Time

Set realistic expectations when implementing these tips. Any SEO strategy can take some time to yield major improvements. However, if you’re consistent, you’ll discover that an emphasis on local SEO can help your pest control business attract customers naturally and easily.

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