Cody Iwanow, Disrupting Industries

Meet Cody Iwanow, a renowned business consultant taking the world of business by storm through his billion-dollar network built with intense passion and strategic connections over the years. “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war,” says Cody!


According to Cody, “struggles are a part of the journey. They remind you why you started and, most importantly, why you can never give up. There’s beauty in the Struggle.” No truer words have been said, seeing as this thriving business mogul actually started from nothing and had to push through the uncertainties of life to attain the heights he has achieved in recent times.

Growing up with his aunt and uncle and his parents absent in the picture, Cody had to choose between living a basic life and reaching for greatness, and his choice is evident today. Having thought about building a career in football, playing in high school progressing into college, Cody’s business acumen was awakened through mentorship. The true path to his uprising was made more visible when he started his own business, and the rest is history.


Consistent growth is achieved through consistent hard and smart work, which is why Cody hopes to remain relevant despite all his achievements by penetrating the Crypto space – going into the creation of NFTs and crypto exploration with some of the biggest names in the industry. He believes that his unique ability to find ways to generate more profits with minimal tweaks to existing businesses has brought him this far. In 10 years, he sees himself still doing what he loves doing the most, but on a billion-dollar level!

Despite all the seriousness and toil that comes with his status, Cody believes that a lifestyle habit of staying low and simple without having many obligations outside work has helped him through the journey to the top. If given the opportunity, he says he would remind his 10-year-old self not to forget to have fun while at it.


The dream of every successful person is to attain not just financial freedom but also time freedom, and Cody wants every bit of it; ultimate freedom! He relishes moments of relaxation with family, flying in helicopters for sightseeing, and going on little trips to find a city’s prized food spots.

With family, health, and freedom as Core values, this extraordinary and goal-driven businessman hopes for nothing more but to be recognized as a strategic innovator, industry disrupter, and renowned leader! You just met Cody Iwanow!

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