Inspiring Men to Enjoy Confidence With Christopher Senekki

Confidence in themselves is a silent battle many men are fighting, and creating a link between self-perception through fashion and men’s mental health is what Christopher Senekki has done so impressively.

On a daily basis, there seems to be a mounting pressure on men to conform to the status quo, and refusing to do so might make one the odd one out and subject to ridicule. Many men across the globe suffer from social anxiety, low self esteem and even depression, all due to the stress and pressure of trying to live up to the expectations and standards the society has set for them.

According to Christopher Senekki, the world of contemporary fashion has a very significant, yet often underrated role to play as regards to how men perceive themselves and in turn how their self-perception affects their mental health. What we wear has a way of influencing how we perceive ourselves, and in this case, expressing themselves through fashion helps in boosting the self confidence in men. Christopher has been following men’s fashion and styles for many years now, and has expressed his disappointment as to how fashion had been portrayed back in the 1980s and 1990s. he views them as a period characterized by a lack of creativity and innovation in men’s styles and also not so much concern as to how it influences the mental health of men. However, Christopher believes 2006 to have been a turning point. Because it was at this time Tom Ford launched his fashion label. He was working with Gucci for a while, acting as their chief designer. Then he found classical men’s fashion styles in the form of a contemporary collection. Tom Ford took off, and with him, a renewed version of the gentleman which many aspire till today

Christopher has drawn inspiration from his personal struggles, and sheds more light on the fact that many other men around the world suffer from mental health issues just like he did. The feeling of not feeling up to par has eaten into the hearts of many men, and is leading to many mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and even suicide.

Christopher Senekki believes fashion to be of great help in building self- perception and confidence in oneself. on his Instagram page we style the street, Christopher Senekki gives out free advice and fashion tips to his over 100,000 followers. Using his Instagram page and influence in the world of fashion, Christopher seeks to help more people identify their unique style and express themselves.The main goal is to help men achieve greater self-confidence through their streetwear.

Through we style the street, Christopher Senekki is expanding his base of followers and helping them achieve their fashionista expression. In one of his proudest moments with the page, Christopher shared a photo layout featuring men wearing fedoras, and while he was cautious of the responses, followers loved and were inspired by it.

Acknowledging that fashion isn’t the complete solution, Christopher also always encourages his followers and colleagues to seek help. If you’re feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with circumstances in your life, do not bottle these feelings up. Let them out by reaching out to your friends and family. You’ll feel a fantastic sense of release and acceptance.

Well, we must say “kudos to Christopher Senekki” for an amazing impact so far, and we are looking forward to the more incredible content he has to offer.
To take a look, check his Instagram here: @s__christopher