Remote Personal Training For Entrepreneurs – Bodybuilder Eric Janicki’s Faction

The advent of the digital age has brought a lot of opportunities. One of these was an inflation of the fitness industry. False promises, unhealthy approaches and unqualified ‘experts’ left millions of clients empty handed. Hollywood’s personal trainer Eric Janicki now offers something different.

Most programs simply offered a specific or template-based training routine for everyone. There was just the standard or ‘basic’ information on nutrition, diet and other aspects. You could barely call it ‘personalized’ training. It became an advanced form of ‘general’ training with some better measures, that’s all. 

Faction Training – Redefining The Online Personal Training

Eric Janicki became the first person to realize the problem with the system. The financial expert was on the verge of making a breakthrough in his career when he realized how much he loved giving out personal training. As a result,  Faction Training came into existence. 

It became a new beacon of hope for those who want to spend their hard-earned money on reliable sources online. With the digital reach at global-scale, Janicki decided to bring authentic ‘private’ online training into the books. 

First, he focused on enrolling five different coaches. Each one specializes in a specific sector like mobility, nutrition, workout and much more. Of course, each one has holistic certification but together, they could form the best plans for the clients. 

An Partner For Fitness Journey – Bringing You In Shape 

Within a year, Faction Training is on the verge of becoming a million-dollar enterprise. It means that there’s something they are doing right. Turns out, the experts there are sincere about providing an authentic personal training. They don’t just provide you a 30-60 minute long session of workout and guidance. It extends further than that.

You get complete guidance on sleep problems, mental wellness, even assistance in changing eating habits. There isn’t any short-cut or quick method either, it retains a steady flow. Individually, they work on reshaping the person and help them rediscover themselves.

That’s where entrepreneurs and business owners would have the most problems. Eric specifically decided to help these individuals reach their goals. Whether it be body composition, eating better, or gaining extra energy, the team worked together to help everyone reach specific goals. This became the core of Faction Training. 

Aiming Into The Right Direction 

Erick Janicki showcased the true potential a digital online training platform could bring on the table. Now he is aiming to enrich the quality of his services. However, he is also hoping to help Faction Training become a multi-million dollar business. Given the brilliance of their module, that day might not be far off.