Saying No To Expectations – And Only Living Up To Your Own

Steven Franz‘ curriculum reads a little differently from the average, to say the least. Why his decision to make changes and create goals for himself only are the key to success and a fulfilled life.

Do you ever wonder about how you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? No? Well, there is always some sort of plan and your life will take you where you need to be. If you don’t believe it, then we are going to expand on it through a brilliant content creator we have come across. His name is Steven Franzy, and right now he is traveling the world as we speak to live his life as he shares his ideas across various platforms. 

Let’s start out with his achievements. 

Steven Franz was a bright student who managed to skip through high school by qualifying for SATs and THEA exam. By the age of 16, he had an associate’s degree in Paralegal. He transferred to St. Edwards University in Austin where he was the youngest graduate in Political Science. It would seem like he had his life planned out. During his professional life, he first worked with the state government of Texas. He received an opportunity to join Congress in Washington D.C and from there he became a part of the Federal Government. 

But there was certainly something missing and he could feel it.

Perhaps it was his other side of the adrenaline-pumping life that was calling out to him. A wild side that Steven Franz tamed during his late teens. As an endurance sportsman, he was the youngest man to finish 100 miles Ultramarathon in Texas. His thrill for challenging his limits led him to win California’s Ironman Championship as the youngest men. That wasn’t enough!

Steven soon indulged in skydiving and scuba diving, attaining the license for both with a record of over 150 dives and 90 jumps. Truly a remarkable feat.

During his professional endeavors, Steven was certainly missing that life as he had a revelation. He noticed a lot of small-scale YouTubers who hustled regularly to become a massive success. They didn’t let anything stop them from chasing their dreams. That’s when Steven found his passion for content creation!

He knew that he had to get out there and meet people. More than that! He aspired to be like these YouTubers, but at the same time, he wanted others to also realize their passion. He wanted to motivate people and help them. Life will take its course, as long as you are living. 

Social Sensation In The Making

Soon we saw him bringing highlights on public interviews, pranks, even music videos on his life and journey. That wasn’t enough! He even managed to take things to the next level and now seeks to expand his range. Just imagine. A person with a career in Federal Government ditched all of that to follow his dreams and passion. That’s how we know that life takes its course. We can’t go against it, nor can we stop it.

“I have always been big on being yourself and not being afraid of what others think. You can’t be afraid to stand out and take advantage when you see an opportunity. Life is too short. Every day people are working hard to be in the position you dream about so don’t give up. For me, success is not a destination but rather a never-ending chase.” – Steven Franz, 24