5 Keys to Building Lasting Influence with Gabriel M Padilla

Meet the Man of the Hour, Gabriel M Padilla

Gabriel M Padilla, a Cuban-American influencer originally from Grants Pass, Oregon, successfully became a renowned travel personality and entrepreneur on Instagram. His followers have incredibly surpassed 300,000 on his Instagram handles @GabrielMPadilla and @WithRoxy, which he co-manages with his Finnish girlfriend, Monica Landén.

Gabriel M Padilla stands out as an all-around influencer, his page covers travel, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and even having a dog! Gabriel and Monica got their dog, Roxy, a stunning Husky-German Shepherd mix four years ago in Los Angeles. The couple getting Roxy instead of having a baby portrays the fact that the three of them turned into a sensational millennial family.

Gabriel’s story is truly inspiring, especially for many who are struggling to make it through the social media scene. At 18 years old, Gabriel made his way to Los Angeles from rural Southern Oregon to make his dream of a modeling career into a reality. It was tough in the beginning for Gabriel, he wasn’t the only one set his eyes on becoming a model in the ultra-competitive city of LA. After two years of being signed to three different agencies in three different markets, Gabriel realized that modeling was starting to decline, and social media was going to take over, so he did his best to catch up!

5 Keys to Building Lasting Influence

Gabriel did always have a flexible lifestyle that allowed him to travel the world with his girlfriend, Monica. Although it wasn’t always easy, Gabriel worked hard to get to where he is today. He shares 5 keys to building lasting influence to all aspiring young entrepreneurs who hope to make it one day as a successful influencer.

  1. Authenticity goes a long way

Gabriel, Monica, and Roxy together are often referred to as a millennial family since they are younger than most family bloggers out there and have plenty of elements that make them unique as a family, such as Roxy being their millennial version of a baby. Gabriel believes in staying authentic to what you believe in. As a co-manager of @WithRoxy, they stand out among others in the pet influencer space since they are not a typical comedic page, instead showing the genuine in-depth life with a dog.

  1. Present your interests

Most of the men influencers existing these days do not always include much beyond fashion or fitness. As for Gabriel, he was able to fruitfully combine his varying interests from travel, entrepreneurship, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and having a dog overall. Gabriel recommends presenting your natural interests in the most authentic manner to help build lasting influence in your career.

  1. Love yourself

Gabriel values self-appreciation and self-care, it is one of his core values in life. According to Gabriel, “It took me too long to learn that regardless of who you know and love in your life, if you don’t know and love yourself, then you’ll always suffer from internal dissonance”. In order to build a lasting influence, you have to be true to yourself, and only then would you be able to truly influence others in the best possible manner.

  1. Learn to empathize

In Gabriel’s words, the world would be a much better place if people had more empathy. The world will surely agree with this! Gabriel shares that after all, evil is defined as the absence of empathy. Gabriel stands by a quote from the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, “There but by the grace of God go I.” He believes that it’s not fair to judge anyone because you never accurately know the environment and circumstances that led them to their current situation.

  1. Visualize your dream

Lastly, one of Gabriel’s biggest lessons is that you will only achieve a level of success according to the capacity that you’re able to visualize it. While he is not a strong believer in the Law of Attraction philosophy, he does place his trust in pushing yourself to the best possible outcome you can achieve. With everything he does, he stops and asks himself, “Is this how far I can take this?”, and then pushes the boundaries even further.

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