Popular Travel Content Creator Andrea Vetrano Shares His Success With Us

I don’t like to travel, said no one ever! We all love to discover new places and plan holidays on exotic islands. Andrea Vetrano managed to have a full job as a traveler. In addition, he is working with luxurious hotels and brands, an amazing dream which came true. 

Who is Andrea Vetrano?

Andrea was always passionate about photography and film-making. Hand in hand with traveling, these two hobbies brought him on the path he is today. He has pictures from holidays posted on social media before and they were highly appreciated. His life changed a few years back when he decided to improve his social media presence.

After doing a lot of research, his Instagram account got completely changed, Andrea decided to have a theme and also to post constantly. His community started to grow and the content shared there was reposted by luxurious pages and popular outlets.

How he became an influencer?

In 2018, Andrea got his first offer for a free stay in a luxury hotel. At that point, he knew that he can transform his passion into a full-time job. Behind his posts, there is a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency. This experience helped Andrea to learn the art of communication, to gain expertise in the travel industry, and to show the world that dreams are worth the time and the hard work invested.

What it takes to become an influencer? Let’s hear from Andrea himself what are the unique characteristics that helped him in this glorious career.

I really enjoy learning new things and I am constantly seeking out new learning opportunities. I have also a natural ability to get along with people that have helped me to stand out. Because I empathize well with people from all backgrounds, I’m able to build up a good relationship with clients quickly, understanding what they want and how best to deliver that.

What makes the difference?

His creativity is highly appreciated in the virtual world and now because of the quality of his content, the most luxurious hotels in the world are looking forward to collaborating with him. Andrea’s dream at this stage is to work as much as possible and eventually to buy a villa with a sea view for his family.

One of the biggest inspirations in this journey is his family. We are not surprised to see that family is in the top three core values in life. Probably you are asking what Andrea is doing in his free time. Well, he likes to play basketball and to read. Andrea Vetrano has a strong connection with nature and anytime when he has the chance to travel to the most exotic places, he takes the shot.

Andrea’s future looks very promising. Even if now, traveling has been highly restricted due to the pandemic situation we are all in, he is not losing his focus. At the moment, Andrea travels as much as possible locally and in terms of producing content, he is sharing memories of his past holidays and at the same time, working on new content.

For more info, check out @andreavetrano