What Young Artists Can Gain From Old School Photography

Before starting his project more than half a decade ago, which will finally see the light in an upcoming book this year, Spanish street photographer Daniel Valledor made the conscious decision to pick analogue film photography over digital technology, for the sake of his creative progress. His reasons are surely valid for others, too. 

A camera holds power to capture a moment and turn it into a cherishing memory. The same camera also contains a key for many artists to show their vision. When you take photography as a profession or art, it isn’t just about clicking the moments anymore. It’s about showing the world what you would like to share. If used correctly, the picture can tell a complete story, speak a thousand words, and become a standalone documentary. 

That’s precisely what Daniel Valledor achieves through his unwavering commitment to photography. The talented photographer has been on the streets of Madrid for over six years. As a result, you will see several dazzling photos in his collection, each one depicting a scene on the level of Hollywood’s glory. If you’re looking for inspiration, the persistence of this street photographer is worth admiration. 

Modern with a bit of classic – Daniel Valledor’s signature.

Lesson One – Discover Your Signature 

The first lesson you would learn is how to ‘think outside the box.’ In an artistic field, it’s nigh-impossible to have any box. However, you still see many people producing similar arts, taking identical snaps. It’s because they don’t have a signature or style that they could dedicate to. Exploration is good, but not if you’re stuck in it forever.

Daniel managed to change the game. While others are busy with digital photography and using the tools to cover their faults, he uses analogs. These are the cameras that utilize conventional film reels. As there’s no way to reverse the image or delete it after capture, he devotes his undeviated focus on the task at hand. Each click he makes is like a practice that helps him level up the game. 

The Balance Of Time And Patience 

For many of us, time is money, and we are taught to utilize it wisely. However, patience is a virtue seldom seen anymore. The retro photographer combines the two unique concepts. Daniel invests his time into each scene for a brilliant click. Simultaneously, he is patient enough to wait for the right moment, even if it may take him months. This balance prevents him from wasting time or rushing into the moment. The savory is a big part of his skills.

Most importantly, if you’re an artist, you should feel alive. A sense of satisfaction should be there with you. Nothing else should matter, and you should be able to immerse yourself at the moment. That’s what the brilliant artist brings to the table. Each photograph is proof that he was living in the moment. They feel real, capture the reality. That’s what makes him unique. If you love your art, you need to bask in the satisfying, the glory it brings you. Those are some of the lessons you can use as inspiration from Daniel Valledor.