Social Media Foodies – Look No Further Than This Maestro

With food in all variations being some of the most successfully captured and posted content on social media, super-chef Victor Chocron from Caracas, Venezuela, has built a breathtaking following always waiting to witness his next creation.

Victor Pastries is a remarkable dessert ‘factory’ emerging in Caracas, Venezuela. It is known for several signature gourmet desserts and the best seller, ‘the chocolate cake.’ There’s no doubt that there is a cutthroat competition in the patisseries business, but Victor Pastries stand out due to one unique quality. While other bakeries or shops are limited in the product or menu items, Victor is consistently expanding his menu to encompass a world-wide menu and new innovative items.

Indeed. Most patisseries are afraid to experiment or introduce something new as the risk is high and returns are low. But Victor Chocron, the owner of Victor Pastries, has managed to establish a specific prestige for the company. He has a highly popular social media page on Instagram and Facebook that has a jolly fanbase. Thus, he consistently experiments with new ideas.

Victor Pastries has become a one-stop, or a hub for people to visit and order almost any kind of dessert in the world. If you’ve seen it or tasted it anywhere, Victor would provide it to you. The sweet delights aren’t limited due to borders or distance anymore. From something as simple as pastry to an entire chocolate bomb burger, you have access to everything they offer. 

Exhilarating Into New Spheres

Despite being an active sportsman, Victor always had an undying passion for gastronomy. His innovation, ideas and creativity are unparalleled and that became the core foundation of his business. Victor strongly believes in giving it his all whenever he is creating or backing a dish. His emotions and experiences are challenged through these sweet delights that have become famous throughout Instagram.

It’s worth noting that Victor started the official bakery in 2018 and has collected over 40 members in staff since then. You would primarily see him active on instagram, sharing recipes, ideas and even doing promotions. However, he strongly believes in sincerity and respect. These are some core defining aspects of his business module.

Victor plans on expanding his business further. The rising entrepreneur and gourmet chef already owns Victor Pastries and Victor Cookies, two of the gourmet services. As an avid social worker, he has discovered the Foundation Victor Pastries to help those who are less fortunate and often participates actively in donations.

Don’t miss out on the shop with possibly the longest menu for dessert in the world.