Samuele Mura – The Football Agent Who Works With His Idols

I was asked to write an article on a story that made me smile, and the chat that I had with Samuele Mura last week came to mind.

Samuele Mura, also known by the nickname “Samu”,  is a renowned entrepreneur & Football agent, originally from Sardinia now living in London.

His dream was to become a footballer or an Entrepreneur and when at 21 he opted for the second option, he never thought that his passion, and many of his childhood idols could become such a big part of his life.

Samuele today has 2 businesses that do work for and with footballers but more than anything else, he is now a football intermediary in the Uk.

I got to know Samu after seeing him on Youtube with big personalities like Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Fabio Cordella and more,  I’ve then decided to write to him on Instagram to try to understand how all this was possible.  It wasn’t the money, the figures, the success that I was interested in.. it was his positivity and passion that I could see from his videos.  Once I got to know more about the story, it was even more interesting as everything began from Jerzu, a small village in Sardinia, Italy.

You definitely not see many young guys from a small Italian town hanging out and working with these type of personalities.

The story is definitely inspirational, and the fact that somebody would write down his dream and then pursue that dream can make us all dream.  

I will cover the full story in a new article soon, in the meantime if you do want to know more about Samu and his story you can check him out on his instagram page: