Meet Pasquale Minasi, the Founder of BlueMagic Group – a World-leading Hair Transplant Clinic

Young Entrepreneur, investor, founder of BlueMagic Group and author, Pasquale Minasi is here to share his experience about how he managed to fulfill his dreams. With over a decade of experience in hair transplant, Pasquale is confident that one day he will improve and transform this industry. 

With so many competitors in this market, it is not easy to stand out and attract new customers. This is why BlueMagic Group is very much focused on an excellent customer service experience. They provide outstanding services taking care of all the aspects of the journey if needed, as the clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Moreover, he offers complete transparency in terms of quality, treatments and full details are given to the patient about the whole process. At the moment, BlueMagic Group has branches in London, Turkey, and Albania. The clinic offers exclusive comprehensive treatments at competitive prices including all the travel and accommodation necessities such as a journey from the airport is covered by the clinic so that the client has the best experience since the get go.

“It is important to remember that a hair transplant can be a thoroughly life-changing experience and selecting both a treatment and a clinic are not decisions that should be taken lightly”

On top of this, Pasquale Minasi is focused on other business patterns and avenues. Entrepreneur at an early age, Pasquale is a prominent investor who has angel invested in 103 startups and always looking for great ideas and businesses to invest in. His main focus currently is being the Founder of BlueMagic Group Clinic in Istanbul, with professional experience in healthcare, insurance, and financial services but Pasquale has his eyes always open to spot new opportunities and trends. His business acumen allowed him to become an A-player.

Pasquale Minasi | BlueMagic Group 2020 @ Copyright

His biggest lesson comes from his daily experience and it is centered around being determined and consistent. This is how he managed to become the person he is today.

“If you are persistent you are mathematically unbeatable because no matter what, you will make it.”

In terms of future plans, Pasquale Minasi believes he will be able to provide the best hair transplant and surgery procedures worldwide to be financially accessible to everyone thus becoming one of the top hair transplant clinics in the world. He likes to make things happen and one day his dream will become reality as persistence is one of his strongest skills.

With so many things to coordinate, Pasquale Minasi’s routine is very balanced, as he strongly believed that you have to listen to your body and mind, they will tell you what to do if you listen carefully.

We do have something to learn from Pasquale Minasi. His determination can be our motivation and his message for you might be very inspiring.

“Never stop investing in yourself. People forget it. There is nothing better than this if you want to become the best version of yourself. Have something to chase, to achieve..a goal..the bigger it is the most you have something to chase for.”

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