Philadelphia’s Top Motivational Coach Sets Out For The World

Pauly Long has come a long way to inspire his community to change over their own lives for the better – using what they’ve always have, without compromising for others. The successful coach is now aiming for even bigger audiences.

The successful self-made marketing and lifestyle coach is currently limited to online sessions, conference calls and personal one on ones. Pauly Long can’t wait until he and his MineSet team can host and attend live speaking events and workshops again. 

The brand was launched into the motivational and coaching market earlier this year and skyrocketed to success with more and more people asking themselves about their purpose in life, when the pandemic changed what we perceived to be ‘the normal’ until then.

Long came up with a solution  that offers services beyond the motivational industry and goes into detailed marketing, self-marketing and funding consultation for clients that are looking for help starting their own businesses. And he has some big plans for the coming years.

With MineSet Marketing officially launching in December, the main company will follow up by introducing a MineSet app exclusively reserved for Pauly Long’s clients. 

In a very competitive market, Pauly Long managed to find his niche and place within a very short amount of time. Despite celebrity-like figures currently representing the business, the Philadelphia native seems to attract his very own audience and has managed to build a real community behind his continuously growing brand. Their current bestseller is his definitely his unique Shift program, which has a very holistic approach to life coaching.

Pauly Long stands for unapologetic happiness and abundance and promises his clients the same, if they apply the learnings of his courses to their daily life.

With an ever growing list of high profile clients, the inspiring figure has every right to see himself amongst the top of the industry within the next couple of years.