Influencer with a Degree in Business – Introducing Caroline Zalog

Ask me to describe Caroline Zalog with a single word and I’d say “remarkable”. Caroline and her mother lived in Poland for the first seven years of her life, before eventually moving to the Bay Area. Seeing how hardworking both her step- father and mother were, helped build Caroline’s mind towards being independent.

Caroline started working when she was just 16 years old and hasn’t stopped ever since. Being so independent at such a young age gave her a head start on a lot of things in life. Then at some point in time, having no idea what she was venturing into , Caroline started social media. Growing a social Media account may seem just about impossible at times, and this was the case for Caroline. Growing her social media was tremendously difficult, but she wouldn’t let this stop her. She became more consistent, and within a short period of time, the quality of her content increased. This made social media a lot more easier as she went on.

Caroline Zalog describes 2020 as the year her growth happened, after she began working consistently with Chris Theodoropoulos (@blotch). She says , a more consistent theme was developed for her social media page , and thanks to their unrelenting efforts, the content provided improved greatly. They did their best in perfecting their content , and this was what led her to hitting 1 million followers ! If you ask me, that’s way faster than anyone has, especially in the middle of 2020. Meanwhile, while achieving this massive fan base, Caroline at the same time continued to chip away at one of her biggest goals , which was “getting a degree in business”. And she bagged her business degree from CSU long Beach in the same year ( 2020 ). Caroline Now resides in Los Angeles and has grown massively this year and is still achieving great things, with an ever busy schedule as the year progresses.

Caroline in an interview stated that her biggest lesson learned along her journey was to not try to please everyone. In her own words she says “ I used to put everyone’s needs ahead of mine and not stand up for myself and what I wanted. I held onto toxic relationships” . But Caroline says she’s now learned to surround herself with truly supportive people who want the very best for her. And it feels great she says.

Finally getting the body she’s always wanted is one of Caroline’s biggest achievement. She’s worked really hard for it and is ever proud of herself. Also , hitting a million followers on Instagram is a big hit too if you ask me , well Caroline’s feels that way too. She is currently working on her clothing company Girl Next Door with Chris Theodoropoulos, and hopes to drop the first line before the end 2020. Caroline also hopes to share more of her fitness side and in turn help people who are in need of fitness help through her fitness brand FITTY by Caroline (@fittybycaroline). Caroline’sfavorite quote of all time by Virginia Satir reads “we must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us”. Caroline Zalog definitely doesn’t allow the perceptions of others hinder her from achieving her goals. From reaching 1million followers on IG , to bagging a Master’s degree all in the same year , Caroline has proven to be relentless and goal driven lady, and she still has many amazing feats in store. Check out her Instagram page @carolinezalog , as you wouldn’t want to miss out on more great content from this amazing lady!!