How Unique Skills Allowed 24 Year Old Henny Yeshanew to Make it Big In Marketing

A successful person is not defined by how well he did in school or by the number of degrees he holds. Neither the place where someone grew up, the social class, or the purchasing power of their parents. Indeed the reality is that everything depends on the personality, the way of thinking and the vision you have about life.

The two traits that every entrepreneur must possess are perception and intuition. Achievements do not come to those who are more intelligent or have better beginnings but instead to those who find opportunities and take advantage of them. One of such individuals is Henok Yeshanew who is not only a Top 40 Under 40 Award Winner but also the founder of prominent Lion Marketing Agency – a company that has been awarded a Top Marketing Agency prize in 2018 & 2019 by Canada Business Awards. Henny, this is how friends and colleagues call him, is aiming to provide guidance, resources and active help to non-profit organizations all through an innovative way of doing marketing.

His amazing accomplishments like the Top 40 Under 40 and the Top Marketing Agency, for three years in a row, have not changed Henny and his humble personality. He is actually more enthusiastic about local recognition in his own origin country, like being Featured on a Top News Channel in Ethiopia. His life goal and core motivation is meeting up with underprivileged people and offer them an opportunity, some direction and serve as an inspiration for them. 

Henok Yeshanew’s next venture is to create a company that is built around the mission of giving cash-flow and resources to oppressed populations and furthermore a startup space for them to develop their ideas and goals. He is also aiming to open a Large Health facility in every area of Africa and give free health support to all inhabitants of the region is his next future desire to realize. He has just begun this endeavor by making a formal meeting at the African Commission where he presented a proposal to Doctors Without Borders. He is really motivated to bring this to reality. 

An entrepreneur is a person who, with data, knowledge, connections and high levels of determination and creativity, brings together money, resources and more importantly people in order to start a business and achieve success. Shared success.

He is also known as the most joyful individual in any room. He always wakes up with a smile on his face and this makes him an extraordinary person, who realizes that the sky is not the limit. He is continually hoping to make new meetings to learn something from. He loves to travel and he is constantly spurred to change the old style of doing marketing and adapt it to this current era of ours.

Taking risks doesn’t have to be scary, as he often says. On the contrary, it is very necessary to achieve the purposes we set. Successful entrepreneurs are those that fully understand and acknowledge this concept of “risk”. If you are afraid to take the big leap then you will never get anywhere but down. The same is true if you keep pleasing others. Because entrepreneurs don’t let uncertainty and potential failure keep them from doing what they think they should do. Reason why they see challenges and risks as new opportunities, not as problems. These are some key facts that the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have and perhaps you are thinking that you do not have all of them, perhaps you identify only one or two that you possess. Well this is normal, these qualities can be learned and developed and there is no better way to speed this process up than spending time close to quality individuals such as Henok.

Would you like to become a proactive and humble entrepreneur? What are you waiting to do it ? The time is now, take action now and get in touch with Henok!

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