How Cindy Tran Turned Her Passion into a Fitness Empire

Cindy Tran is a Vietnamese fitness influencer from Arizona. Though she is young, she’s accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Cindy started her social media account in 2016 with the goal of sharing her fitness journey. Since then, she has amassed over 890,000 followers and has her own line of workout leggings. How did she find success? Let’s dig into Cindy’s story.

A Passion for Fitness

For Cindy, her interest in fitness started in high school. When her family moved from Gilbert to Tucson, she was looking for something positive to channel her energy into. Enter fitness. Cindy began working out and fell in love with it. She felt inspired to share her new found passion on Instagram as Miss Cindyy. People began following so they could come along on her journey, and the rest is history! To this day, Cindy says one of her favorite things is when people tell her that she inspires them to start their own fitness journey.

Fitness is not just something Cindy does for show on social media. She truly loves it. “I think it’s probably pretty predictable, but I love to work out in my free time. I also like trying new restaurants with my friends and watching tv with my dogs,” Cindy says. When asked about her daily routine, Cindy says that though it varies, it almost always starts with self care practices like skin care, walks with her dog, a good meal, and then the gym. Clearly, Cindy has centered her life around fitness – and it’s paying off.

Building an Empire

Cindy has a large following, but of course, it wasn’t always this way. She attributes a few things to her success, the first being her authenticity. As she says, “I am all natural and have not had any surgical enhancements (no judgement to people to have), and this allows for my followers and fans to trust my knowledge in fitness.” Although it can be hard when you’re surrounded by social media influencers who have had work done, Cindy focuses on being authentically herself. She says she does her best not to get caught up in drama or hung up on “influencer” things.

It is this focus on herself and her business that has allowed Cindy to successfully create her own line of fitness gear – leggings to be exact. As she continues to build her empire, Cindy says her focus is on positivity and dedication. Her goal is to make others see their own beauty, both inside and out.

Motivation & Positivity

Cindy credits much of her driven nature to her upbringing. She cites her father as her biggest influence. She grew up watching him work hard and chase his dreams. He did everything to support his family, which inspired her to become the person she is today. Cindy is also a first generation American, which put her in certain situations as she grew up. She recognizes that these very experiences are the reason she became so charismatic and driven. Cindy says she really identifies with the word “self-made” and it’s no wonder why.

When Cindy isn’t working out, you will find her in Miami, where she recently moved. She loves to spend time on the water and traveling the world. If you want to keep up with Cindy, give her a follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.