Drayson Little – From High School To A Drop Ship Mogul Real Quick

Within a very few years the 21-year-old has become a force to be reckoned with in the retail industry. The chances that he has sold you something too, are pretty high.

Drayson Little is only 21 years old, but has already masterminded multiple businesses that have each gone on to make 6 to 7-figured numbers. His choice of items to drop ship spans quite the variety, including children’s toys and kitchen gadgets. His bestsellers are usually products that can’t be found in physical stores. With Drayson’s selling power, there is a good chance he has sold something to you on one of his websites!

The e-commerce industry is such a competitive one, and Little is fully aware that he is facing a lot of rival retailers. He believes that the main reason for his continued success lies in these three factors: customer service, website design, and the use of creative advertising campaigns. Customer service is essential in e-commerce for all of the obvious reasons, and it is something that can make or break a customer’s overall opinion of a brand. In this digital age, web design has to be another important thing to get right; if a customer struggles to find what they want and get it checked out, then you can’t really expect great sales results. And of course, it’s not just about selling the individual products, but selling your store, and Little gets this – hence his use of creative ads.

There is another key factor that Drayson mentions as contributing to his online success; he states that he understands what makes consumers buy an item on impulse. Considering that a decent amount of online purchases are impulse buys, this is a good concept to understand when running an online store. Drayson comments that he thinks too many others just promote a product and believe that will be enough to sell it out, but as he doesn’t rely on that tactic, he thinks he has an edge.

For someone who was raised in a as he says “strict household”, where he had “the choice of being either a lawyer or a doctor“, Drayson Little has done very well for himself going against all expectations and breaking with traditions. His family didn’t really place any bets on him succeeding in business and only accepted it as a viable option if Drayson was to come up with a revolutionary invention to be the next Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos.

Drayson, however, disagreed with this idealistic view, trusted his instincts and, ultimately, through skill and good entrepreneurship, is now a big player in the e-commerce industry.