2020 Had Its Winners – Meet The E-Commerce Elite

The LA-based multi-business successor is one of the major global distributors for Amazon & Walmart. His products, are familiar to most of us, and his range is ever expanding. We’re talking about James Khuri.

Growing up in the 90s & 00s, most of us are very familiar with trading cards such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon & Magic: The Gathering. The demand is still high, the same goes for sports cards. FJ Holdings are the industry’s undisputed leader for manufacturing and distributing the popular products all over the world. Besides giants such as Amazon & Walmart, he supplies brick&mortar stores with the said goods, as well as accessories and beauty& health products on a pay-on-scan/vendor managed basis.

James Khuri, CEO of FJ Holdings, has established the company group over the last 15 years. Khuri, an extraordinary entrepreneur who has his focusses on different fields – all equally successful . Real estate, brick and mortar distribution, and e-commerce are all part of his portfolio.

Being the leader in the industry of distribution of trading cards and merchandise of brands such as Hasbro, Mattel, Topps, FJ Holdings has developed special distribution plans. Both Amazon and Walmart are standout examples. During the cause of this years global pandemic, FJ Holdings have adapted in superior fashion, promising growth in times of a dawning recession.

Khuri was quoted in a recent Forbes magazine interview:

We’ve been able to develop a brand-new distribution model that’s unique in the entire system of worldwide distribution. In fact, Amazon just hired an employee specifically for one of my companies to work with us in the 136 countries that we sell to. They’ve only done this for ten suppliers in the whole world. Amazon is going to help us work with the government to establish an online platform. 

In addition, Walmart invited us to start a system called “Fulfilled by Walmart” which is like “Fulfilled by Amazon.” We started it three weeks ago, and already are processing 4000 orders a week. Because Walmart is now directly competing with Amazon, this will help create a better atmosphere for consumers. “

A promising outlook for the future of Khuri’s companies, with both of his special partners breaking several records this year.