Brandon Nguyen of YENGUB – From 1.2 GPA to Multi-Millionaire

How many people can say that they went from having a 1.2 GPA in their first year at university to over $1 million in their first year in entrepreneurship? Not many. But Brandon Nguyen can. At just 19 years old, the founder of YENGUB eCommerce found his love for marketing, business, and community. Practicing what he preaches, he has reached massive success and has no plans on slowing down. With huge goals and a desire to be a mentor for those coming after him, he is out to make a more significant impact on people and the world around him. His story below is inspiring to say the least. 

From Flailing to Flying

When Nguyen realized that university was not the right path for him, it was clear he needed to find an alternative. In 2019, after seeing an ad and with no knowledge of business or marketing, YENGUB was born. He knows that clearing $1 million in your first year is something many people can only dream of, and he is never ungrateful for the success he has had. Now he considers himself a direct response marketer and entrepreneur who is on a journey to help others find the same level of success. Independent from the age of 12 with his first job, he learned how to overcome bullying from his youth to become a powerhouse, selling over $15 million across his eCommerce stores in this past year alone. From university dropout to one of the most reputable content creators in the eCommerce space online and a leader in the dropshipping community.

Eyes Towards the Future

Nguyen’s future goals are to build an educational institution where young lives can be mentored. He holds a strong belief that the early stages of a person’s life can echo massively throughout the rest of their lives. As a mentor, he plans to provide support and be a positive role model to those in his institution. A believer in paying it forward, he is building a community, mastermind, and online education program that not only reflects his personality but can make a more significant impact on the world. By harnessing his organic following on social media, his YouTube channel has allowed those inspired by him to see his journey from the beginning and build their own success stories. Nguyen never takes his social media followers for granted, saying he is grateful for their loyal support and humbled by it as well.

Advice for Those Inspired 

He does not beat around the bush and pretend this is an easy industry. His biggest advice is to make sure you do not bring your bad habits into the industry because of how cut-throat it is. It is ten times harder than what most people are doing. One of the biggest misconceptions he sees is that the industry allows people to work less and make more money. Nguyen says the complete opposite is true. You should expect to work more and make less money. It can be a rude awakening for many. His advice is that you need to remove all the BS from your life before taking this on. All the tactics, strategies, and tools mean nothing without the mindset. This mindset has helped him achieve multiple awards, including Clickfunnels 2-Comma-Award, within two months.

Where to Find Brandon

If you are looking to check out more about Brandon Nguyen and YENGUB, you can find him at:

YENGUB and its founder show the world that sometimes a degree doesn’t afford you the success you think it will. You may just need to look for the alternative path in life that takes you from dropout to dropshipping king.