The Gentleman Of Rap – Opening The Doors For A New Generation

At 20-years of age, German newcomer Poldi is taking rap music into a new direction. His value driven delivery is the result of his number one rule: keeping it real.

Poldi is a newcomer in the rap industry but he is already making his mark. He is not looking to go down the route of many of his peers.“Gangsta rap,” for example  is certainly not his calling. He has no interest in following any of the many cliches that the industry often showcases, such as the “show-boating” culture or the fake streaming numbers.

No, this 20-year old talent is looking to do things differently. He wants to rap about issues that are relevant to his generation and challenge problems left by past ones. As he says “Why do we, the youngest, have to take care of the aftermath of your past irresponsibilities?” A big question, and one that helps show how he is not afraid to ask the big questions!

To have a Gentleman in rap will not be a bad thing at all. Wanting to spread positive lyrics based in truth, about important issues that affect his generation, is a very positive concept indeed. And we know that it is a very refreshing one in the world of rap. And if you want to listen to the messages he is giving, his debut track Liebe Hass (love is bigger than hate) is where to start. A further insight into this young rappers passion for highlighting issues comes after the recent presidential elections in the United States. CNN had commented : “this year’s Thanksgiving is going to be the most uncomfortable in decades”, pointing out the huge differences of opinions and approaches between the young and older generations. Poldi certainly has a strong view on this perspective and is clearly a good advocate for progressive unity, being tolerante and encouraging respect. He does not believe material possessions should be what comes first. It is when he throws down his lyrics he has the opportunity to inspire those who sit up and listen to what he has to say.

This 20-year old artist, who is signed by 99 Problemz Music, is clear when he says that he sees no pounbt in rapping about topics that don’t represent actual life for him, or his lifestyle choices. To sum all of this up, it is worth listening to the man himself: “it’s not about showing off. I want people to feel as if we’re on the same level and have similar issues. There wouldn’t be a point in talking about a lifestyle I don’t care about. I want people to know that I actually care about my listeners and the subjects I speak upon. This provides a special connection between the listener and the artist, which bragging about my wealth just won’t cut.”.

Words we can definitely get behind and hopefully many others will, too!