From Skinny Kid to Renowned Fitness Entrepreneur – Naor Yazdan

Today Naor Yazdan is a well-known social media influencer and fitness model. Based in Israel, Naor Yazdan has gained traction with his success in bodybuilding amongst other things. But this hasn’t always been the case. Naor has had to overcome many obstacles in his journey so far, putting it mildly…

In this article, we will follow Naor through his path to success and shed some light on the ups and downs of his journey and trust me there has been a fair few.

Started from the Bottom…

At 18, the young Israeli weighed a mere 54kg before taking bodybuilding seriously. As a young man, he idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger and still is one of his heroes to this day! Much like Arnie, he had to overcome his naturally skinny frame to build the body he wanted. His dedication to his training over the years allowed him to slowly build his muscle.

It was on the way to his dream physique when he was discovered by an agency.

Naor was minding his own business with his friends and decided to hit the beach. It was there where a person approached him and started striking up a conversation. By the end of the conversation, the stranger asked if he had ever considered modeling and Naor had a meeting the very next day. Fast forward and he is one of the more well known faces in fitness modeling. Talk about right place right time!

Biggest Success = Biggest Obstacles

Of all the success Naor Yazdan has had from real estate to modeling you may be surprised by his answer to this question.

What’s your biggest success?

Recovering fully from a heart surgery and back on training. I went through heart valve replacement surgery. It was a hard and difficult time for me and the people around me. I thought it was game over for my days as a fitness model and that I will not be able to train as before. I did everything that was needed and made a full recovery. Now I’m stronger than ever. Hard work pays off”

This is an obvious example of how Naor has managed to transform his body. This type of determination to overcome obstacles has driven him to success in many avenues. A thriving modeling career and a growing real estate portfolio to name just a couple.


The lesson to be learned is clear. Hard work and determination are both keys to success especially in this case. Naor has been able to transform himself into who he wanted to be by applying these key factors.

Not only this, every obstacle Naor Yazdan has had to overcome has only made him stronger. The struggles in life are key to everyone’s journey and it’s how we overcome them that defines us. Naor hasn’t let anything stand in his way. This creates and develops a fearlessness to reach for your goals however “unrealistic” others may think they are.

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