Remaining Resilient in the Crowded Social Media Scene with Shailen Vandeyar

The digital age is growing rapidly, and the world of social media has never been so lucrative. With the possibility of becoming an overnight viral sensation, it’s no wonder more and more people are deciding to cut themselves a slice of the content creation world. And Shailen Vandeyar has truly taken the bull by the horns in the movement.

At the young age of 25 Shailen Vandeyar has established himself as a successful digital entrepreneur and TikTok tycoon. He runs a media publishing page @Laugh which is one of the most interacted accounts on TikTok, boasting 1 million followers and 50 million engagements on the rapidly growing social media platform. Since 2019 when he launched his account, Vandeyar has been dominating the TikTok scene with his fun and original content. His audience has grown at incredible volumes in the small time it’s been established, and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon with the increasing popularity of the platform.

Leading with Vision

Vandeyar leads with vision, and his ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for people in less fortunate situations who need his help and guidance. He has impressively proved himself as a leading force in the New Zealand media production and tech world. His vision for the future of media has seen him transform multiple tech and advertising companies over the past 5 years, including Gadgets You Need, Daily Dose Media and Vandeyar Group. Vandeyar personally boasts the largest influencer network in Australasia across the biggest social media platforms that exist today, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It has been reported that he has helped grow and scale the branding and develop monetization techniques for some huge names including Neil Henry (@theneilhenry), Michael Fallon (@michael_fallon_), and Jimi Jackson (@jimisworld), and we’re sure we’ll be seeing much more of him in years to come.

Figuring Out the Formula

So what are his secrets for staying relevant and successful amongst the masses? With a new influencer going viral or getting “cancelled” on the daily, it’s no wonder it can be a difficult world to navigate. But this doesn’t bother Vendeyar. He instead chooses to lead with long-term vision and selfless desire to help those in need. He sites persistence and an unhealthy obsession to be the best as some of his biggest motivators, and always strives to create interesting and diverse content which speaks to the masses. A quick scroll through his TikTok account @Laugh shows funny, engaging and dynamic content which is sure to grab attention.

Digital Media; Is It Here to Stay?

TikTok, despite its growing success in the world of social media and digital media production and over 2 billion downloads, has faced a number of obstacles in recent months. Content creation is emerging as an interesting and viable career option for many people, but with tensions growing between Donald Trump and China, the app’s future is unsure. Trump gave executive orders to get the app banned back in August, but this has not stopped the relentless production of content, and creators like Vandeyar are powering on full speed ahead.

So what does the future have in store for Vandeyar? The digital entrepreneur’s main goal is to “to cultivate and change the digital marketing landscape globally and locally for brands, media houses and content creators.”

With his success so far in the digital media world and his account @Laugh growing rapidly every day, we’re sure the name Shailen Vandeyar will be around for many years to come. Follow his inspiring journey by following him on Instagram at and also on Facebook at Shailz Vandeyar.