How Yair Dabush Turned From a Gamer to an Entrepreneur

We have heard about many gamers going from playing MMORPG video games to being entrepreneurs, and we wanted to find out how. We have reached to several people and Dabush answered and told us he would love to share his story.

– I started playing the popular MMORPG game MapleStory, which involved trading equipment for in-game currency at a very young age. I started with no money at all, and slowly started to make money from quests. Around when I made my first million mesos ( mesos is the game currency ) I went to the market and thought about buying stuff for cheap and selling them for profit after seeing a Youtube video of a player doing that. I started with low profit for every item, but then, after a few months, everything changed…

– After a few months of trading, I somehow managed to get around 500 million mesos, and I learned all the items prices ( There are thousands of items on the game ) which I thought was quite impressive, and also helped me a lot down the road.

The Sayings Are True

You know the saying that the first million is the hardest to earn? Well, it seems to be true to the game too. After Dabush made his first 500 million, which took him months, it seemed to ease up on the complexity of making more.

– After some time, I managed to be very rich in-game, having around 100 billion mesos and people messaging me when they think they find something for cheap, to confirm the real price of the item. 

A few years passed and Dabush decided to quit the game. He sold all his in-game currency for a few thousand dollars, which was a lot of money to Dabush at the time. 

What’s next? How did the transition to real stuff go? 

– After quitting I had the urge to buy stuff for cheap and sell for profit, and I found out about sites like eBay. I purchased a lot of earphones for about $1 each and more random cell-phone related equipment and sold them at school for a return of about 1000x. It was very hard work so I looked for something else, and that’s when I found out about domains, Dabush states.

“Domaining” is an industry made up of thick wallets and endless opportunities. Acquiring the .com extension of a recognized company can lead to an $8 buying price turning into up to $50,000 in profits.

– It’s been a few years since then, and I’m still investing in domains that have value for companies in certain niches, making an amazing ROI ( return on investment ) in every sale. The road to this moment was very fun and I can say without a doubt, that without MapleStory, I wouldn’t be where I am at today, I’m very grateful.