An entrepreneurial gamer sets the trend, as alternative ways to monetize gaming are on the rise

While many of us might be familiar with gaming competitions where winners bag a fat cheque, few of us would have heard about making money by live streaming what you play. Who wants to watch someone play a game that isn’t even real?

But the surprising answer to that question is a lot. While you might think that the ones who watch the gaming streams would be pro gamers, you would be pleasantly surprised. With new viewers stacking up each month, Twitch doesn’t seem keen on stopping.

While top-ranking gaming streamers like Ninja on Twitch are quite well-known, multiple avenues are opening up for serious streamers. One such gaming streamer is Jerx, who is stirring up a storm with his unique ways of communicating with his followers. 

Coming off of a six-figure fortune he amassed during the Bitcoin crash of 2020, Jerx was quick to invest in a “God-tier” PC. With specs to drool over, the $10,000 PC is the headquarters of his gaming fortress.

While that might give Jerx a strategic advantage over other gamers, Jerx’s popularity isn’t just about his gaming skills. The handsome 21-year-old from New York City shocks his fans with generous gifts of up to 100 Tier 1 Subs. While many outsiders might not understand the value of such a gift, it seems to be quite a big deal within the gaming community. 

With the release of reaction videos of his beneficiaries, where they are seen overjoyed with tears running down their cheeks, Jerx is winning more than just followers here. He is creating human bonds on a virtual platform where most people have never met each other. That is Jerx’s USP.

Jerx is a vocal supporter of keeping your chat available for non-subscribers and non-followers too. While his followers admire his gaming skills, his generosity lets people come and discover him organically. This also gets him noticed in the middle of a game by the person he’s playing against. Halfway through a game, his competitor realizes that he’s playing up against the ‘real’ Jerx, the one he follows on Twitter on Tik Tok.

While one might think we are making too much out of someone’s altruism, Jerx mentions this as a way of networking. Being a partnered streamer, Jerx is one of many gaming streamers who have taken this path seriously. 

With the rise of such innovative approaches to making money within the Twitch platform, it’s no surprise that young entrepreneurs are latching onto opportunities they see.