“Social Media Is Like Real Life Socialization”

When you think about social media, you treat it as another digital platform. If you visit a digital marketing agency, they might also treat it similarly. After all, it’s all codes and algorithms, and it exists on your digital devices. However, according to SMM pioneer Rei Prendi, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Rei Prendi is an exceptional digital marketing expert and CEO of Elektronika.al. His exemplary efforts and talents in the field with a sight for the future have led him to accumulate adamant credibility in the area. Mr. Prendi is also an early pioneer of the field. He started the company in 2010 when the industry was still crawling to find standing. Today, he runs a company with seven figures turnover and thousands of satisfied clients.

An Invaluable Insight And Advice 

The brilliant innovator is here to deliver single, most-effective advice and a secret to his success. As you can see, Social Media has turned into something entirely different from what it was intended to be. You need to dig back into its sole purpose: ‘To connect and socialize with people.’ The only thing that changes is the availability and expansion. With these media, you have the leisure to connect worldwide. 

As human beings, we have an insatiable need to socialize and find new connections. Any platform like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube provides us with ways to connect and mingle in unique ways. If you can look past the complex structures of earning, success and growth, it all breaks down to ‘How well can you socialize?’

Employ And Polish Your Social Skills 

Mr. Prendi has always been an easy and outgoing guy. As a social butterfly, it was easier for him to transcend into Social media. The talented entrepreneur emphasizes that these media are a ‘digital extension’ of everything you would do socially in real life. If you’re awkward in social interactions, it might be challenging for you. However, you can always improve your skillset. That’s what the wise mind is attempting to elaborate on. 

As long as you can learn how to socialize and incorporate in any social media landscape, you will witness positive results. It isn’t a giant monster or overly complicated infrastructure that many digital marketing agencies and experts make it out to be.

The Bottom Line

The CEO of  Elektronika.al enjoys his work because he is socially active in real life. It is a breeze for him to find new connections. Mr. Prendi has helped many people ace the digital marketing venture through his simple mindset of treating social media as social life. It’s certainly a treat always to find a fresh perspective from the brilliant young man.