Meet Aesthetic Ace Elizabeth Sommers

Elizabeth Sommers is a household name in the aesthetic injection industry. The artistic professional is known for her extensive mastery over various injection, filler, micro-needling, and laser treatments. Throughout her career, she consistently mastered new skills. And has become a well-recognized specialists in her field.

As a young girl, Elizabeth Sommers had a deep interest in the arts. But during the birth of her brother, she spent almost a month in hospital and showed interest in science & medicine. At the crossroads of her passion and interest, her spirit didn’t falter, as she managed to combine both of these aspects. Sommers’ choices led her on the path to becoming a medical expert as an aesthetic registered nurse.

Start Young – Stay Focused 

After receiving her inspiration from the doctors and nurses in the hospital, Elizabeth devoted herself to aesthetic nursing. She had a clear goal in mind and started preparing a strong portfolio. The medical sector can be a cutthroat industry if you don’t have the right aptitude.  It was pivotal for her to fabricate a strong record. This led her to become a meticulous professional. 

Setting The Right Goals

Research played an integral role in the aspiring aesthetic injector’s journey. The ambitious personality learned about Allergan and Galderma. Thus, she decided to become a trainer for these aesthetic pharmaceutical giants in the USA. The insightful expert knew if she wanted to be recognized, these are the companies she needs to associate with.

Within seven years of practicing, she received a trainer position at Allergan and Galderma in the following year. This helped her reach new heights. By then, she learned everything by books, and through experience, it was time for her to share the wisdom. 

There’s No Age For Learning

Consistency in learning and sharing knowledge will always benefit you. That’s what we learn from the prodigal beauty nurse. Elisabeth Sommers trained several young talents and attended workshops to share classes with some of the industry’s biggest names. Her positive attitude towards any opportunity or challenge pushed her to become the top 1% aesthetic experts in the industry. 

Through her persistence and constant hard work, Ms. Sommers has become a well-achieved expert in her field.