Learn What Led Monica Landén from @WithRoxy To Become a Successful Influencer

Meet Monica Landén from @WithRoxy

Monica Landén is originally from Finland. From a very young age, her heart and mind were already set to exactly what she wants to do in her life – travel. And that is exactly what she did!

Monica’s initial trip to Australia at just 13 years old inspired her to think differently. She enjoyed her travel so much; she knew she needed to explore the world! Even at a young age, her parents knew too that she was capable of doing so herself.

Besides discovering various European countries, she spent plenty of time exploring different countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Australia, various parts of Asia, and Northern America.

One of the most memorable turning points of her life took place in Los Angeles, where she met the love of her life, Gabriel M Padilla, four years ago! Since he is from the USA, and she is from Finland, it was quite challenging in the beginning to establish their lives together in a particular location. Luckily, the lovebirds enjoyed traveling together and experienced moving a lot and living in different places in the beginning. The couple was so dedicated to each other that soon after they were finally able to settle together in LA!

Little did the gorgeous travel couple know that they would fall in love again very soon. It was three years ago when they each met the second love of their lives – Roxy, a lovely Husky-German Shepherd mix. Even if Monica and Gabriel knew it was going to be a huge responsibility, they enjoyed every moment of raising her as a puppy. Monica shares that Roxy is never left alone, and hence, has become a significant part of the couples’ great adventures together across the globe.

The Beginning of @WithRoxy

Most people on Instagram today can easily identify @WithRoxy as a sensational account celebrating the bond between human and dog, exemplified by Monica Landén and Roxy.

Not many may know that @WithRoxy simply began as part of a combination of Monica’s passion for photography and desire to create a personal scrapbook with all of Roxy’s photos just a click away.

Although it started out as a personal hobby for Monica where she wanted to document not only Roxy’s adorable moments, but also how she grows from a teeny puppy to the gorgeous almost wolf-looking dog that she is today – Monica paid a lot of attention to details into the creativity of her work. Monica practiced photography on a daily basis, and her hard work certainly paid off when thousands of fans began to enjoy the unique content she posted!

Today, Monica is nearing 200,000 followers on her Instagram account @WithRoxy, all from her unique touch and consistency in quality content that inspired so many fans.

According to Monica, what really contributed to her success was that @WithRoxy’s content was relatable to many, but also inspirational! Monica has creatively combined the topics of her interest such as travel, lifestyle, fashion, and the incredible experience of having a dog. Roxy is an extraordinary world-traveling dog, and people are always excited to witness the adventures they pursue while also enthusiastic to know what’s next on the horizon for them.

Also, being in Los Angeles, the City of Dreams, is incredible for Monica and Roxy. Not only does the city have great weather, but wonderful opportunities abound around every corned. Monica enjoys the many unique places she brings Roxy to and showcases the local sights in a creative way that people enjoy seeing online.

Overall, @WithRoxy has certainly set itself apart from other existing pet influencers as it is more than just the combination of comedic and beautiful photos: Monica and Roxy’s Instagram portrays an admirable story of the unique bond shared between Monica and her stunning dog, Roxy.

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