Jason Draizin Provides A Structural Framework For Alternative Medicine

Jason Draizin – the proprietor and also CEO of MarijuanaDoctors.com- is arguably today’s most prominent entrepreneur in the advancing alternative medicine space.  

Why? Because he is the first to provide structural systemic support for these new markets- such as Cannabis- which need administrative support now that they have been legalized.  

Given the expedient authorization of cannabis that has taken place in 36 states- with several more set to replicate their footsteps- legal Cannabis urgently needed a directory system that could help inform consumers of state policies, prescribing doctors, and the latest research.  

Hence, MarijuanaDoctors.com was born to be that precise directory. Since its inception, the site has rapidly scaled to over 1,000,000 and was positioned among the leading 100 cannabis blog sites by Feedspot in 2020.

MarijunaDoctors.com has the legal capacity to promote to a public group, list distribution solutions in specific states where it is lawful, give tele-health services to medical professionals, and provide massive possessions to novice patients about the advantages of marijuana and also CBD.

” A definitive goal is for people to recognize cannabis, and to keep identifying understanding while concurrently having the option to market marijuana straightforwardly off the website, based off the pressure as well as medical problem a purchaser may be experiencing.”

Although that Draizin currently lives in Miami, he goes back and forth between New york and California to guarantee his ventures are running smoothly.  

Draizin wishes to educate individuals regarding the benefits of marijuana, as well as have his site be the best alternative when a brand-new person is hoping to determine whether marijuana is the best holistic solution for their condition.

Draizin is passionate about helping people discover the utility in substances that were until recently deemed illegal medicines.  

He remains unmovable and committed to providing a structural foundation around this growing market, being the first of his class of entrepreneur to do so.