From Intern to CEO – 4 Questions for Sean Pandya, The Business Mogul

Sean Pandya is a man of many talents. Not only is he currently CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc, his impressive Instagram proves him to be a fitness guru and car enthusiast. This, along with his character has led to a gigantic online following.

This wasn’t always the case though. As we will learn, Sean had to overcome a lot to get where he is today. Here are 4 questions answered by the man himself:

Can You Think of a Key Moment or Turning Point in Your Life?

“Being bullied all throughout grade school significantly changed me and the trajectory of my life. Living through my early 20’s, I always felt like I could accomplish so much more than people really gave me credit for and I knew that I wasn’t living up to my potential. Around the age of 24, something really changed in me. I became a man of self-discipline as my focus shifted to wanting to be successful.”

Everyone faces adversity but if you look at what Sean has achieved over his life it’s fair to say he has clawed to the top…

When Did You Start in This Business?

“My first business venture was humbling, I began working for my Father, Anil Pandya P.E., the founder of Amcon, in 2017 as a free labour intern for an entire year”.

Not bad for a man who would be CEO in a matter of years!

What Are the Main Factors That Led You to Where You Are Right Now?

“I have a very competitive nature and I am my own biggest competitor. When I want something, I push for it very hard. This translates over from business to fitness. I have worked hard for years to achieve this physique while I have also worked very hard to earn my EO status. This is because I never allow myself to be satisfied. When I reach a goal, there is always a new one that follows it”.

Please take note if you are highly ambitious and want to follow a similar path. This is truly a lesson in what it takes to achieve great success.

Any Advice for Young Entrepreneurs or Anybody Who Wants to Emerge in Your Industry?

“Any aspiring entrepreneur should think less about their fears and more about when they are going to get started. If you want to start your own business, I’d say you should just do it. Often times, the younger you are, the more risks you can take!”

The message to take from this is…What are we waiting for?!


Sean had a troubling upbringing and had to overcome a lot to accomplish all he has. It can happen to anyone if they are determined enough.

So, no matter how bad your start is… No matter the lack of advantages…You can make it if you have the right mindset.

There you have it. An insight into the background of a successful CEO. If you want to follow the journey for yourself, you can follow Sean Pandya at his socials:

Facebook: kishan.pandya.374

Instagram: @CaramelBeast