A Pioneer Of Aesthetics – Dr. Adel Quttainah

Cosmetic surgery and medical procedures are prevalent across the globe. It requires impeccable precision and extensive experience for a successful cosmetic treatment. There are many renowned professionals in this field, but one name stands out – Dr. Adel Quttainah.

With over 20 years of medical expertise, he thrived with his clinics in Kuwait before finally gifting it with Quttainah Medical Centre. The center accumulated a massive response of succession and became a one-stop solution for anyone seeking cosmetic brilliance. 

Today, Dr. Adel Quttainah excels in cosmetic treatment beyond anyone’s contemplation. He has truly become the pioneer of middle-eastern cosmetic surgery and treatments. Let’s take a glimpse of his past endeavors. 

The Quest To Become A Cosmetic Surgeon

His professional journey starts at the National University Of Ireland, where he received his former medical training. He always had a knack for aesthetic specialization. For a five-year residency program, he chose the McMaster University of Ontario in Canada. He honed his skills in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, showcasing his talents. Perhaps his most remarkable feats were achieved during post-graduation. Now that he was well-versed in the procedures, Dr. Adel Quttainah sought excellence rarely offered by any cosmetic specialist. He attained mastery over free tissue transfer with perforator flaps, a method seldom offered by any middle-eastern expert. 

The University of Toronto was truly blessed to have him, the jack of all trades. Perhaps, the curiosity led him to expand his skillset with microsurgery fellowship, breast reconstruction, and free muscle transfer for facial reanimation. 

Learning From The Masters Of The Trade

If you have any talent, you will catch the right attention. Through his rigorous practices and meticulous methodologies, Dr. Adel Quttainah managed to learn from the very best. In Woodbridge, Ontario, he completed his aesthetic fellowship under Dr. Lloyd Carlsen, the master of calf augmentation. Dr. Lloyd was also the founding member of The Canadian Society Of Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery. As a professional of reconstructive surgery, he passed his wisdom to Dr. Adel.

Following it, Dr. Adel Quttainah finished his fellowship for clinical research under Dr. James Bain in Hamilton General Hospital of Ontario. Dr. Jame’s expertise in muscle denervation, neurotrophins, atrophy, sensory crossover, peripherals, and nerve became the gateway for the doctor to stand amongst the cosmetic surgery giants.

Building An Aesthetic Empire In Middle East 

In 2003, Dr. Adel Quttainah returned to the middle east and further honed his craftsmanship at Saad Specialist Hospital in Al Khobar as the Plastic Surgery Department head. But of course, he couldn’t settle for a position. 

He established his first well-versed Cosmetic Surgery Clinic that offered a complete range of treatment options and medical procedures through his determination. Now he plans to further his empire in Qatar and Dubai with his brainchild, Quttainah Medical Centre.