Startup Releasing “Most Valuable NFT Collections”

A very mysterious startup named Starbank is looking to release the most valuable NFT collections beginning on December 2nd.  If you were not an early adopter of previously popular NFT collections such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and others, then now might be your chance thanks to Starbank. 

So, what exactly is Starbank all about?  Their core values are responsibility, sustainability, and harmony but they are completely mysterious.  Their mystery and forward thinking has certainly created a swirl of rumors and is part of the reason for such the buzz around their NFT collections.  Starbank is clearly big-picture focused so let’s dive into their truly unique and epic project.  Starbank will be launching an NFT collection of such high value, it will not only exceed all collections currently on the market, but it may actually define the limit for NFT value into the future.  Value is a loaded word.  The value of something is not determined by what someone is willing to ask for, but what someone is willing to pay for.  The reason Starbank is confident in saying this collection is the most valuable collection in history is not because they are asking for the most, but because they will sell for the most.  

Starbank plans to change the way we look at value in general.  Clearly, this would be another breakthrough in NFT and disrupt the industry, taking the NFT space by storm! But, they claim they are actually anti-disruption, adding that harmony is one of their primary motivations. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to WHAT the Starbank collections will entail….will it be art?  Will it be form?  We don’t know, but here’s what we have gathered from their limited press release:

Starbank is all set to launch its collection of NFTs on December 02, 2021. The most valued NFT collections as claimed by Starbank itself will prove a breakthrough in the world of cryptography and will redefine the sense of ownership of digital assets as they gain value. 

The NFT collection by Starbank will be available for sale in two categories.

  1. Biding Base NFTs (50% of the entire Collection): They will be offered in an online auction where the potential buyers can open a bid on these NFTs and the one with the highest bid wins the ownership.
  2. Set Price NFTs (the other 50% of the Collection): The price of these NFTs will be set by the Starbank team and these NFTs will have the fixed price.

Until we know more, the best thing you can do is follow their accounts and absolutely join their mailing list at  You can follow the Starbank on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook