Next Drake? Canadian Sam Hoss on Collab with Rick Ross & Dillin Hoox

Up and coming like no other Canada’s rapper, strong family ties and utmost persistence made Sam Hoss stellar collabs a reality.

If you were wondering how exactly did this young man’s ascension to the very top of the rap game started and what kept him going on his quick way there – well, it all began with his strong self belief and family values.

According to him, without his humble beginnings and roots, this rise would have not been possible.

We’re a family

Originally from Tehran, Iran, with his dad being a singer and his aunt a published poet, there was little doubt that Sam had a creative breath in him and therefore he turned music from a hobby to a profession at once.

Inspired by Russ and 50 cent among others, the whole road to where he is now would not have been possible without his family, as according to Sam:

“I started making music professionally two years ago but I’ve always had it in my family. My father used to sing, my cousin is a well know international artist, and since I was a kid I was always drawn to this industry, so you could say I started the day I was born.” […] “I always believe in family and sticking together during tough times, but also celebrating our success when we need to. The last lesson I think is important for all the young artists out there to know, is that the process is not always easy but don’t give up.”

Skyrocketing to the top on confidence fuel

Another crucial thing that made Sam actually different from thousands of other wannabes and made him be a good fit for collabs with artists like Dillin Hoox and Rick Ross was the confidence that lied within him. From having to be a newcomer and ESL at school to working to get a better grasp of the language, crucial to any rapper, to putting his heart and soul there to differ his lyrics and flow from anything else.

Per Sam Hoss that’s what it took:

“What people don’t realize is that I came to Canada and didn’t know any English at the age of 12. I had to work hard to catch up to my peers all meanwhile adapting to a new country and culture. That was hard for me to do, especially since rapping requires a strong command of English. I put my head down and got to work and here I am.” […] “I can’t say I have just one big lesson that I’ve learned. I’ve learned a few important things that helped me get to where I am today and probably will carry me into future success. One of the things I maintain is that no matter how hard things get I know they’ll always get better. I keep a positive outlook knowing deep down that I have what it takes to make it in this industry and in life. Another thing that’s super important, is staying away from negative people and people who drain my energy and have nothing positive to add. People will always criticize no matter, so it’s better to hustle in silence and avoid distractions and people who only want to bring me down. “

Lighting the way for others

Being so positive in his overall life outlook it has been a gift for him and this fueled a rooted belief in his belly: helping others being a lighthouse for their own goals. Sam Hoss even goes as far as propelling others visions and for this reason he expanded his studio and music production business. He wanted other young artists to make it big in the industry.

“Being able to share my energy with everyone around the world ad knowing that it’s bringing hope to some who are going through really dark times. Especially nowadays with everything going on.”

Ain’t afraid of bright lights of success

With such confidence comes a debut album dropping on September 4th on all streaming platforms.
Being part of a community and offering himself as professional guide for others have been his motivation and on Sam’s mind, not money per se’.

“The music I make comes from my heart and soul. I feel like today everyone is focused on money but I’m doing it out of passion. I think passion is what separates me from a lot of other people and businesses. When I’m making music, it’s like I’m in a totally different world.”

On top of that, his goal, professionally speaking, are more collaborations and featuring with stars like Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. He assures that they are in the making. Surely, having your manager being the Hip Hop Canada owner must help with guidance and support.

“I want to work with artists I grew up listening to and keep making money from doing what love. Also, I want to expand my studio so that other up and coming artists can create and make it into the music industry.”

To get to know more about Sam Hoss, follow him on Instagram now @mrsamhoss

And listen to his new released track and album:

“Problem” on Spotify

“Fire Spitta” on Spotify

“Fire Spitta” on Apple Music