Meet the female entrepreneur and trailblazer Samantha Stewart.

Samantha Stewart is a trailblazer in the business world and is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Despite the challenges that come with pursuing a career in the industry, she has persevered and has not only achieved her own personal and professional goals, but has also helped countless others along the way.

As the founder and CEO of SR=S, Samantha leverages her two decades of business building experience to empower and guide female entrepreneurs in taking control of their futures, building successful companies, and thriving in all aspects of their lives. Her coaching practice, which is inspired by the lack of female representation in her industry, has been instrumental in helping women everywhere pursue their passions and reach new heights in their careers.

With her unwavering dedication and her commitment to helping others, Samantha Stewart is an inspiration to women everywhere who are looking to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact in the world. Let’s learn a bit more about her daily routine and how she stays on point day after day, month after month.

Samantha Stewart’s daily routine is a combination of work and self-care, ensuring she is fully productive and focused.

  1. Morning Routine: Samantha starts her day by hydrating with a full glass of water before anything else. After getting herself and her kids ready, she drops them off at school before heading out for a morning hike to clear her head.
  2. Workday: During work hours, Samantha follows a strict 50/10 rule, where she works for 50 minutes and takes a 10-minute break to stand up, walk around, hydrate, have a snack, and so on. She ends her workday an hour before picking up her kids from school, giving her time to unwind and switch gears.
  3. Family and Nightly Routine: Every night, Samantha has dinner with her family, unless she’s traveling. After putting her kids to bed, she prepares for the next day by reviewing her schedule, organizing client and vendor files, downloading any necessary software or updates, and journaling. Before going to bed, she makes a few notes for herself to have a clear mind.

If it sounds like a lot, it certainly is. But that is what got Samantha to this spot in her life, selling two businesses by the age of 30. Follow Samantha on Instagram @Samanthastewartofficial, on Facebook at, on Twitter @coachsstewart, or on LinkedIn at