Meet Bav Majithia – The Leading Salesperson Turned Serial Entrepreneur

The game of life can be really interesting. One day, you are doing so well, believing you are on the right path, and something happens for you to completely take a different turn. This is exactly what happened to Bav Majithia, a UK-based serial entrepreneur.

Get to Know Bav Majithia

Bav Majithia isn’t the type to be a teacher’s favorite kid in school. In fact, he may even be too good for school. Bav is simply strong-willed. He knew exactly what he wanted when he wanted it.

He was always filled with a passion for independence, learning his own ways, and enjoyed earning his own money using his skills. Also, being the oldest grandson on both sides of the family, he was considered the “Black Sheep” of the family due to his rebellious nature against traditional educational and career paths such as going to university to pursue a medical or law degree.

Bav’s parents owned a traditional convenience store in Wigston, a small town just south of Leicester. The store served as the foundation for Bav’s entrepreneurial exposure. He witnessed his parents’ hard work and carried on the same ethics with everything he pursued in his life.

From Mobile Phones to Millions of Pounds

Having decided that college was not meant for him, in the summer of 1995, at only 22 years old, Bav Majithia made the bold move to relocate from Leicester to Southgate in London. He was able to secure a job as a salesperson for a mobile phone company. It was considered uncommon for an individual from a Ugandan/Kenyan background to leave home, and Bav was daring enough to initiate the move without his parents’ consent.

From his youth, entrepreneurial characteristics are evidently instilled in him without his realization.

Bav quickly became the best salesperson there was on the job, he was a natural star! When his former colleague was in charge, the company was selling 40 mobile phones a day with 4 drivers. Once Bav took the helm, the team was selling 1000 phones a day and boasted a fleet of 18 drivers and a robust courier network. A positively significant difference.

After four years, he moved onto another venture where he sold mobile phone accessories. His six years of contribution to the company improved revenues from £2 million annually to a staggering £18 million!

Bav Majithia’s Entrepreneurial Niche

As a success in the world of sales, Bav knew every technique to gain a customer, motivate a team, and establish loyalty amongst staff.

It only struck him during one of his lavish leaving parties when he was approached by a former colleague who had plans to start a new company to finally enter the entrepreneurship world. He was already clearly born for it!

Bav had high hopes in the business and pursued a 50/50 partnership while working there full-time. Thus, the company Genuine Solutions was established.

Perfecting operations, having a great team, and winning a range of recognitions and awards for the high-quality product and service they provide were just a few of Bav and his co-founder Chris’s accomplishments at Genuine Solutions.

As a husband and father of two sons, Bav desired for a more relaxing side to life. After working 12-14 hours a day for the company, for over a decade long, Bav decided to depart Genuine Solutions and move onto greater opportunities.

Bav’s Future Outlook

All in all, Bav Majithia is the kind of business tycoon who gives his 100% in everything he pursues. This is evident from the jobs he worked on even before becoming the entrepreneur he is today. His move from Genuine Solutions allowed him to indulge in his passion for cars and property, while also taking the time to invest in new companies as a way to support others in achieving their entrepreneurial dream.

For more inspiration on Bav Majithia’s entrepreneurial journey, follow him on Instagram @bhp / @biz where he provides the perfect combination between work and play.