Meet Amazon And Walmart Automation Tycoon: Nolan Johnson

Being in debt is a very discomforting place to be. But sadly, it’s a phase most people struggling to succeed pass through. When asked what his biggest success was so far, Nolan Johnson replied “My biggest success so far was being able to get myself out of debt and build a company that gives me time and financial freedom”. Now, that’s a big win if you ask me. Nolan Johnson is just 28, how then has he managed to achieve all that he has within this short period of time? Well, you’re about to find out.

Nolan Johnson was born and raised in calumet, Michigan. One interesting fact about him is that he skipped college and taught himself sales and marketing. By November 2018, he found his first company NXJ.Marketing, and their sole purpose was helping people learn digital marketing. They also helped run ads for a couple high end clients. Nolan started doing marketing for himself as a sole proprietor in early 2017, and after about a year, he started operating under an LLC and has been scaling greatly ever since.

Right now, Nolan’s company specializes in Amazon and Walmart automated stores. Are you wondering what makes Nolan Johnson’s company so special? What separates his products and services from the immense competition out there? Well, the answer to those questions is “exceptional customer service” Putting the needs of the people before profits. They make sure the needs of their customers are taken care of to the max, and every other thing then falls in place. Not only that, Nolan Johnson and his staff are extremely transparent in their dealings with people, and they are able to get the stores approved and running in no time, while maintaining healthy profit margins and an impeccable customer service. In 2019, Nolan Johnson was recognized and awarded on stage for hitting one of the highest ranks in a direct sales company using only digital marketing to generate leads and sales.

Well, has Nolan Johnson gotten to the peak in his career? Definitely not! Nolan says his future goal is to start investing in real estate. And not just that, he says in 10 years time his goal is to maintain his health, continue building a healthy portfolio so he never has to worry about money, and of course spend quality time doing the things he loves with his family and friends. Nolan always points out that the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki helped his mindset transit from that of an employee to an entrepreneur. He holds the book as one of the major factor that has led him to where he is presently. Now, you’re already probably wondering who a highly successful man such as Nolan looks up to. Well, Nolan’s role models are his parents and he says he owes everything he is to them. Seeing as they both loved and believed in him when he had nothing but a dream, he never takes them for granted.

Nolan’s favorite quote of all time is “work smarter not harder” and that is exactly what he lives by. In an interview with Nolan, he said “My goal is to scale to a consistent $100,000 within the next couple months and once I’m there, the plan will be to add a zero to the end”

Nolan Johnson is no doubt an extremely driven individual and still has a whole lot in store for the world.

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