Jose Arias’ ‘Puff World’ – A Life Work For The Metaverse

It was about time Peru’s top digital artist José Arias launches his own NFT collection. The artist behind some of the most popular TV adverts world wide has gathered a team to launch his Puff World into the Metaverse. A highly anticipated collection for collectors.

His range of clients is long and includes global players such as Spotify, Toyota and Samsung. One of the most gifted and creative digital artists around, José Arias has been one of those to keep an eye on ever since NFT collections became valuable investments. Now he’s launching his collection of 10.000 unique characters, ‘The Puffs’. The collection is a masterpiece in its size and details, and will most likely be a project spoken about years from now.

The billion dollar sector of NFT has enabled artists like José Arias to gain full control over their work. And fans, investors and collectors from all parts of the world and society have the same chances in getting their hands on the hot handled pieces. Art, a venture previously only reserved for a small privileged fragment of society, becomes available to all those who really appreciate it. 

Spotify Want Him, Samsung Want Him, NFT Lovers Want José Arias

Owning a piece of highly anticipated collections such as Arias’ ‘Puff World‘ is owning a piece of pop-culture. With global brands having had access to his work, it is now available for the public.

Arias’ latest internationally recognized project were the Spotify Monsters at the end of last year.

And the ‘Puff World’ doesn’t stop there, it has already gained solid fandom itself. NFT owners will be able to get exclusive merchandise, for a digital community of art collectors. Owners of one of the ‘The Puffs‘ will be able to use their 3D NFT as an avatar in the Metaverse. Puff World is also working on upcoming collaborations within the digital universe, to offer more unique experiences to the people that chose to be part of Arias life-work.