Jeff Lopes’ Book Entrepreneur Dad Helps Fathers Find Balance

Fatherhood and entrepreneurship go together for Jeff Lopes. Even as a father, Jeff Lopes has worked as an entrepreneur for over two decades. A life-changing moment 2008 that his family endured would alter his focus forever to become the family man he needed to be.

In everything he did, Jeff Lopes wanted to ensure that he would have time for his family. He took many small businesses from the start to seven and eight-figure companies. He has amassed a plethora of experience and success. Best of all, he has spent the last three years focusing on coaching others to do as he has done for his career. After his incredibly successful journey, Jeff Lopes has written Entrepreneur Dad to speak to all the entrepreneurial fathers in the world.

Jeff’ Entrepreneur Dad was published in January of this year. The book’s goal was to share what Lopes believes to be the seven keys to having a great business and a happy family. Using his own experience to help him create the book, he made an inspirational and genuinely fascinating read for any father or man interested in finding balance.

As a proud father of two, Jeff found balance through several activities that have helped him create time for both business and family. He shares lessons about prioritizing so that men will have time for everything. Jeff also explains the importance of using strategies to work smarter, not harder, on your business tasks. Scheduling is also an essential task that he describes in the book. Together, all three of these tools and many more helped Lopes achieve the balance that he has today.

The purpose of the book is to help people achieve stability in their lives. Jeff understands the value of time, as it is genuinely the only currency that people can’t make back. Lopes made the book with his coaching program in mind, Man’s Purpose. Man’s Purpose also examines some of the same topics to help men become better businessmen, fathers and regains control of their lives.

Priced at $12.99, Entrepreneur Dad is meant to give more back to men’s lives. Jeff discovered early in his life the preciousness of creating memories with his family. He can coach and help others find a similar balance as fathers and business people because of his success. Now, Jeff can spend time with family, create podcasts, and create more content to inspire people to live their best lives. He hopes that more fathers find the success that he has to improve their family lives through this book.

Jeff’s book is available for purchase on his website, as well as more information about his fatherhood mentoring program, Man’s Purpose. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneurial father or know one, his book and mentoring program are worth the money, and there are stunning reviews to demonstrate their insane value. Jeff’s podcast, “Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast Show,” releases new episodes every week with brand new entrepreneurial guests featured talking on different subjects. Jeff is always working on projects, so there’s still fresh and inspiring material yet to be released!

For those interested in keeping up to date with Jeff Lopes and his businesses, he is active on social media. To follow Jeff to keep up with him, be sure to follow him on Instagram.