How Vincent Zampelli Founded A Distinguished Marketing Behemoth

Vincent Zampelli, simply Vince for friends & family, fresh out of college realized how the “online world” was about to take over and replace old mom & pop businesses around the globe.

Retail was already on a declining trend with online commerce growing year after year at 2 digit growth factor. Vincent Zampelli, thanks to his personal connections and network, was able to get funds behind a new venture that would fill into that market gap. Millions of businesses were looking for ways to transition online and even tho the marketing offer is pretty vast, only a tiny fraction of such offer has that familiar feel and connection that only “old world” businesses had. Vince had the idea to build an agile marketing firm that would keep a familiar, white glove, one-on-one connection with its clients.

Soon after VINNOVATIONS MEDIA INC was born, funded and launched with its first headquarter in Tequesta, FL.

In just 6 months, VINNOVATIONS MEDIA distinguished itself as a marketing leader in the South Florida market helping hundreds of local businesses transition from offline to online with highly profitable Lead Generation campaigns that yield an average of 4.5x return on investment.

From there it was just a matter of scaling and optimizing, bringing in more and bigger clients and expanding its services offer to fields such as Content Creation, Branding & Social Media Growth.

Learn more about Vincent Zampelli and Vinnovations Media at / @_vza_