How Marco Calamassi Started And Scaled His Entrepreneurship Journey

We are all familiar with the concept of influencers. They enable people to discover new places, people and ideas and can often reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the world. Such an unprecedented level of reach to a large user base is why some marketers planned to increase influencer marketing back then in 2019. With the help of an influencer, your product, idea or whatever could reach the whole planet, one of the best influencers has proven this to be true, Marco Calamassi.

Early Life and Education

Marco Calamassi is an online entrepreneur from Italy (Siena), he is also known by the nickname Cala. was born on March 20, 1986 in Poggibonsi, Siena, Italy, a beautiful city known for its culture, history and architecture. He spent most of his childhood between the graceful hills of Tuscany and the beautiful coastline of Sardinia.After high school in his hometown, he decided to travel and discover a new continent that moved to Malibu, California, where he took a semester in Business Management at Pepperdine University.Once back in Italy, he started running his family-owned clothing and rental business, being exposed to people from all over every day.He also took a semester in fashion management at the popular Polimoda fashion school, owned by the Ferragamo family.

His Career

In early 2009, about three years after joining the “family business”, Marco A. Calamassi went to Miami and fell in love with the atmosphere and the growing culture. For the next five years, Miami was his travel destination, and soon after, he decided to venture into digital marketing, e-commerce and social media. After many years leading his family businesses in the clothing and real estate sector, he became a prominent online entrepreneur in e-commerce, experienced with all dimensions of digital platforms and verticals, and in the social media space.In his early days of entrepreneurship, he used virtual assistants to find and track target customers by manually researching the competitors’ followers and launching direct campaigns to lure them to his site. He built up his entire customer base almost for free.Marco Calamassi is a well-known online entrepreneur and marketing guru who has a talent for building long-lasting customer engagement through cohesive digital campaigns and brand messages. While social media allows a brand to reach a broad global customer base, it also creates fierce competition to grab and keep customers’ attention in the world of information overload.

His Works/Achievements

Marco A. Calamassi has been fully involved in the e-commerce community since 2011 and is part of some of the most elite e-commerce masterminds and marketing communities on the Internet. He has built, scaled, managed, and sold many popular brands built on platforms such as Shopify and Clickfunnels.He owns a service-oriented business focused on harnessing the influence of social media, communities and followers for customers. It is a social media ‘growth’ service that helps brands and personalities optimize their visibility on Socials called He also co-owns a prominent registered beverage brand and a CBD brand.Drawing on the lessons learned from the successes and failures of his scrappy ways and skills to create a product-market match, he built his latest venture, BrandsBuilder, to help influencers create innovative products and services for their current and future followers. There is already a loyal customer base at your fingertips and BrandsBuilder is helping to turn that into lucrative, diversified and stable revenue streams by offering a comprehensive range of services including app development, manufacturing, customer service, etc. Influencers who have used its service , earned up to 100x more than when they were paid by mail for brand sponsorship.

Passions and Personal Life

Freedom is his mantra and he has since decided to go all-in with digital ventures. These online businesses would allow him to travel freely between his favorite places without carrying the burden of physical businesses.When not at work, Marco A. Calamassi spends his time practicing sports such as football, fitness and tennis and especially enjoys the beach, ocean and boating. He loves animals and cats in particular and everything to do with nature and the outdoors.A recent business conversation with industry leader Marco Calamassi, as seen on The Open News, revealed that he likes to invest in real estate in high-demand locations. Marco Calamassi believes that “tourism will grow to become more fanciable, we will travel more, even fly to Rome for a coffee in the approaching decades. Everything will be faster and accessible”.

His Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs

Never overstretch what you have in terms of risk or debt. That’s probably the opposite of what they’re used to hear (“go all-in”). When you are young, you have to experience most of what you can do without getting burned. Try, test, and fail until you find your calling. Small tests and small failures. Adapt, know yourself better, uncover your path.