Game Over? Persia Grai Just Plays It Again

It’s been quiet around the Detroit lyricist lately. He’s gone all secretive on his all so well designed social media profiles and his last single release was over one year ago. But we hear Persia Grai is back.

3 years after his viral track ‘Juice’, rumour has it the multi-talent from Michigan has been cooking up in the studio to make a massive return.

Just when you would have thought that he has played through the rap game through to the fullest, he is ready to do it all again.

Michael Greene aka Persia Grai has not obeyed to the pressure of releasing new singles almost every week, sticking with his expectations to his own levels and quality.

The Detroit prodigy has always been a wild mix. A wild mix of talents, skills, heritage and high set goals. With all the assets to reach the aims he set for himself.

Not only does he have an unusual skillset, ranging from quick double time flows, to complex rhyming and clever bars. The partly Puerto Rican black artist has always been proud to be bilingual when it comes to his music. Besides, cross genre influences like Carlos Santana or Aerosmith might surprise you, as his music won’t have you doubting that Greene breathes hip-hop.

In all honesty, something that’s probably hardly avoidable as a young black artist growing up in Detroit, a city with so many prestigious and highly influential rappers.

An artist with a range of diversity that might have been too much for a at time closed up culture, until 2020. A lot has changed in the last couple of years, we see plenty of international and cross industry and genre collaborations, blowing up to successes that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

Michaele Greene aka Persia Grai has always made sure his releases are quality artwork.

Whether it’s including more Latin artists on single tracks by American artists, or industry changing opportunities like TikTok, Triller and Instagram Reels, that open a whole new world for self promotion and distribution of music. 

All these opportunities are relatively new and all of them are well designed for an artist as versatile as Persia Grai. Which is why we are very keen that Michael Greene is not just coming to play this time, but to win.

To win, in style.