A Routine of Champions: Practices Goh Rong Yao Uses to Be His Best Self

Running a successful business is no easy task. While rough beginnings smooth out with time, any seasoned entrepreneur knows that good practices are what separate the amateurs from the greats. Anyone who wants to achieve their goals and dreams needs a strong work ethic to do so. Thankfully, Rong Yao follows a disciplined routine that lets him grow himself and his online business at a great pace. Read more to find out how you too can start down the road to success.

Passionate free-time

We all know the ins and outs of creating a substantial and effective business. From establishing accounts, to researching trends and creating revenue, forming a business that will last well into the future calls for hard work and dedication. That being said, how many of us know how to balance business and life? Sure, establishing business models and improving products and services are hard work, but a sometimes even heavier task is maintaining one’s health outside of the job. Rong Yao explained to us how imperative it is for him to exercise regularly, that working out can be an excellent release from stress that comes with a day’s work. “In my free time I love staying active! It’s hard to unplug from work sometimes, but when I’m doing something athletic, it’s usually all I can think about. I love going to the gym, especially rock climbing.” Rong Yao went on to say that being able to tune out work is just as important being able to tune into it.

The importance of routine

While taking breaks and unplugging from work during free time proves to have great results, Rong Yao also stresses the importance of keeping active outside of work. “At the heart of it all, I know I need to be my best self before I can help others. My core habits are going to the gym at 6AM (getting in the workout before most of the world wakes up is a game-changer), meditating, and then having some coffee. After that, I’m usually ready to start my day with a clear mind!” Getting the day started before most the world wakes up is essential to getting a head start on the day. It allows a person to start their day relaxed and comfortable; remaining unplugged in the morning prevents early stress and sets a strong precedent for the day to come.

Motivation onward

Exercise and relaxation are great ways to de-stress after a long day’s worth of work, but what keeps Rong Yao motivated to keep building his online businesses up? When asked about keeping motivated with life both in and out of eCommerce, Rong Yao emphasized his point of helping others wanting to follow in his footsteps. “I’m motivated every day by knowing that I have the opportunity to help others. Whether it’s improving the lives of clients through the products I help to market or helping other entrepreneurs do the same.” Like many other modern day entrepreneurs, Rong Yao is yet another example of what a person’s end goal could look like if they maintain a balance between work and life and establish healthy routines to keep them healthy throughout their career.

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