Gabe Schillinger Helps Producers to Create a Real Business Out of Their Passion

Who is the entrepreneur dominating the music beats industry?

Gabe Schillinger

Starting out in California, Gabe Schillinger is a producer who founded and serve as CEO of Legion Beats, a music production company which actually is more of a “family of producers, engineers, and vocalists which helps artists succeed in the long run.” Gabe Schillinger and his company have caught the attention of many journalists and industry leaders impressed with his reach, strategy, growth and overall explosive success.

6 Figure Launch

This beats guru has used a variety of marketing hacks and strategies to increase leads and boost growth for the Legion Beats brand. A prime example of these brilliant ideas is the use of annual contests/giveaways that offer enticing rewards sure to attract the target audience (upcoming and/or existing artists). In his most successful contest campaign, Gabe was able to amass a mind-blowing total of 41,985 leads which proved to be a mind blowing conversion. This successful campaign was leading up to a launch and in the first week of this it, they managed to produce 200,000 dollars in sales for a rapper, client of theirs. Up until that point, no other company in this industry have ever pulled off a 6-figure launch, let alone for a $17 product.

Legion Beats

Gabe Schillinger himself is a music producer meaning he produces the music that, for example, a rapper would rap on top of or a singer would sing on top of. It is the music in the background which is everything other than the vocals. These are called “Beats”. Legion Beats, started by Gabe in 2015, sells these beats to artists through licensing allowing them to resell and scale their own beats business. They can indeed resell the same single beat to 50, 500 or 5000 artists. Some known artists Legion Beats has worked with are 2 Chainz, E-40, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg. Names high up in the industry that would impress any avid rap fan.

Traffic and Sales

Black Friday is a huge season for Legion Beats and their strategy is focused on getting as many sales, clicks and leads as possible. The reason being is due to the fact that not only music insiders but people in general are more inclined to be in a “buying spirit” when black Friday comes around. Their credit cards are ready for the numerous discounts and sales in their favorite stores so it makes sense for entrepreneurs to mass-market and prepare the big launch of your product or brand. For that launch, they made available every single beat made by Legion that year, the whole catalogue of beats, a massive offer. Products that would cost maybe 20, 30, 40 up to 50 dollars individually were priced in a bundle for only 17 dollars! It was a deal that almost sounded too good to be true and this was part of the reason the launch was so successful: a great deal for a great amount of material to use and work with. Now imagine being able to get these for free through an extremely enticing contest ! You would be a fool not to enter it and also promoting it to your friends and family. This referral strategy spread through word of mouth turning in more and more customers. From that first very smart and profitable launch they worked their way up and up from there, getting bigger and better prizes like for example getting a feature on your next song by a well-known artist. For them it was nothing but for the consumer the value they were getting was insane. Another good example of an enticing prize is a reward that includes flying out a lucky winner to the Legion Beats studio, shooting a professionally made music video, beats and mixing included. A massive production which made the winner beyond happy and this created another chain of reactions ending up in more sales and awareness.


Gabe Schillinger’s marketing ideas, during his time as founder and CEO of Legion Beats, are truly admirable for any businessman in any industry, the methods used worked incredibly well. He should be an inspiration to anybody, young or old, still looking to create a business built upon their core passion. With enough hard work and wits, it will pay off without a doubt.