Who is Maxime Hinnekens and How He Managed to be a Successful Serial Entrepreneur at a Young Age

Maxime Hinnekens is only 22 and he is in charge of three companies already. Read his story below to discover his journey and to get inspired. He’s got one big secret: Never give up!

How it all started?

Maxime was born in Belgium but at the moment he is living in three different countries in Europe: Belgium, The Netherlands, and Spain. When he was only 15 he bought his first bitcoin and since then he started building his network and make a reputation in the industry. At 18 he traveled abroad in order to expand his knowledge and of course, his connections. Maxime went to a private university and attended a lot of conferences. This is how he mainly started to build a world of networking and valuable connections with top players. Being sociable was, of course, a very important element in his development. Maxime Hinnekens knew exactly that he will not have a generic average job after graduating. He likes to take risks and get involved in new projects.

The journey to success

After building a reputation in the industry, Maxime Hinnekens got the attention of experienced entrepreneurs. His ideas were highly appreciated and he was asked to work on different projects since then. Now, he is the one who gets invited to various conferences for free. This was all possible because Maxime always finds effective ways to reach his goals. With hard work and courage to take risks, he managed to become the leader of 3 amazing companies. One of them is focused on e-commerce, MrPackage.

Why is MrPackage different than other e-commerce platforms?

It’s all started when Maxime Hinnekens realized that there is room for improvement when comes to e-commerce in Europe.

A month ago, together with the Laravel development skills of my good friend, Liam Seys, and the management and financial skills of myself, we registered the company with a strong branding and have been working on it since. Pitching our plans and brand to people we meet has been bringing great responses. Great achievements are to be expected from this new business.

The company is focused more on the customer experience and this will make a significant difference when comes to e-commerce.

What are Maxime’s future ventures?

As an ambitious entrepreneur, Maxime Hinnekens is restless when comes to new opportunities. He knows very well how to turn an idea into opportunity and he has big future projects. Some of them are still a secret, but he dreams to reinvent the Less-Than-Truckload business globally that eliminated empty truck transport runnings and reduces the number of trucks on the road. Another goal is to make MrPackage the no1 e-commerce platform in Belgium and The Netherlands. On a personal note, he would like to have enough not to think if something is too expensive, and why not, have a Lamborghini one day. All these goals are achievable with hard work, and Maxime is familiar with the context. His motivation is focused around so may business opportunities that can lead to unexpected success. He is taking inspiration from Elon Musk who is an example of determination and hard work. 

Feel free to check his social media accounts @maximehinnekens and www.facebook.com/hinnekens.maxime. Take your inspiration from his determination and remember that nothing is impossible if you give your 100% into it.