Sisters Behind Magni Skin on Mission to Empower Women

Sisters Pinar and Songul share dreams of becoming international entrepreneurs. Now dedicating their lives to Magni Skin, they are determined to make women feel comfortable in their own skin. We hear all about their impressive journey so far.

From vision to reality

Established in the summer of 2019, Magni Skin has become the ultimate destination for those pursuing perfect skin.

While the business has enjoyed huge success since launching, it has not come without immense dedication, commitment and a desire to put customers first.

Sisters Pinar and Songul are the people behind Magni Skin after turning their vision into a reality.

The pair are passionate in what they do as they continue working hard to build a global brand.

In today’s fast-paced and cut-throat world of business, those without a resilient business model and robust work ethic are sure to face a testing time, or even failure.

However, the attributes possessed by Magni Skin are sure to continue taking the company to new heights as it embarks on its latest chapter.

Empowering women

The dreams of Pinar and Songul were always based on becoming international entrepreneurs.

They have always kept up with the latest trends and their main goal is to help empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin – in order to do this, they built their own salon which includes all the latest technology in the industry to offer the best service for their clients.

It is this mission to continue putting clients at the centre of the business while pulling out all of the stops that sets Magni Skin apart from its rivals.

The sisters both went to university, one to study a career in teaching and the other to pursue a career in the business industry to become a project manager. 

However, after working in a corporate business for a couple of years, they realized it was not a profession that they wanted to progress in and courageously decided to follow their passions and dreams.

Chase your dreams

Many people are afraid to chase their dreams in today’s world – and instead opt for a life filled with discontent.

Without a doubt, taking risks does reap its rewards when aligned with a solid plan and hard work. But many fail to take the appropriate steps needed to achieve what they desire. 

As a result, years go by and before people know it much of their life has passed by without them taking the opportunity to pursue their ambitions.

But that was not the case for Pinar and Songul, who set out to establish Magni Skin and achieve their goals – and they have never looked back since.

However, despite the colossal amount of success that they have already achieved, there is much more that they want to do in the coming years.

The sisters are vowing to continue with their ambitious vision to ensure Magni Skin is recognized around the world for its stunning service and results – and they are refusing to ease up in their efforts until that becomes a reality.

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