Joey Luxx Gave Up Professional Basketball For Music – And Is Scoring High

The 27-year-old put music in the forefront last year, making the decision to follow his instincts instead of a professional career in basketball. This year, he made very clear that he is serious about his dedication.

What to do when you’ve got two passions and talents, but only the same 24 hours everybody else has? You follow your heart. Malcolm Parrish aka Joey Luxx had spent several years playing basketball at a top level before deciding to put his whole into music last year. A decision that has paid off, we think. With his brilliant debut album, Joey Luxx was able to establish his name in the industry instantly and gain followers and plays all around the globe. 

The beautiful crafted and produced long player introduced the artist as a laid back, good spirited character, that open enters the music scene with a confident smile on his face. 

With a brilliant hand for melodies and timing, the artist shows that he is capable of writing the next hit anytime, and we think it’s only a matter of time until one of his singles hits the billboard charts. 

His new single 20/20 is another consequent step into the right direction – the top.

A clear improvement as he once again sounds more confident with every new release.

Where the South Jersey rapper used to sound very close to his influences like Post Malone or Wiz Khalifa on his first EP ‘Warm Up’ a year ago, we now hear 100% Malcolm Parrish, who is comfortable with the niche he has found for himself.

Luxx is definitely one of the artist we are keeping an eye on since we are now expecting him to make the next step on the big stage.

I will also be interesting to see whether he will receive the chance to perform his debut album in front of a live audience, when concerts and public events are a safe possibility again.