Forget being sure. Take a leap of faith with Matthew Siegal’s new single “IDRK”.

“IDRK” has broken streaming records since its premiere. The song has been credited with Matthew Siegal’s success. As a result, one cannot but admire his talent and talent.

Matthew’s most recent EP has three songs: “Energy,” “Lost,” and “IDRK.” All three songs capture the feelings of the listener. And, considering the enthralling melodies of each song, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to listen to them over and over. And you can tell if an artist is good if you listen to his songs over and over.

Matthew’s greatest strength is his ability to incorporate numerous sounds and bring them together to create a lovely melody. And you can hear that harmony in his new single “IDRK.” Everything fits together in a way that puts your mind at peace.

His EP, “Timeless,” has gone viral, and he is currently trending on all social media platforms. With his great musical abilities and high-quality production, there’s no doubt that he’s the musician you’ve been waiting for all along. We can’t wait to hear from him again.

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