Feel Manaf Koudmani’s emotions in his brand-new single “Say It”

Manaf Koudmani has dropped his new track “Say It” a couple of weeks ago. The song has been breaking all records of streaming on popular streaming platforms. This song has thrust Manaf into the spotlight overnight.

“Say It” was a part of Manaf’s brand new EP. The EP contains three songs. All of these songs are getting more popular by the day. People are slowly starting to take notice of Manaf Koudmani.

The release of “Say It” has made one thing clear. Manaf isn’t your run-of-the-mill artist. He’s here to stay and amaze everyone with his work. He tries to differentiate himself from others with his music. His hard is certainly being noticed as his popularity keeps rising every day with more and more streams of his songs.

“Say It” is no doubt a masterpiece from Manaf. We hope to hear more songs like this from him in the future. The song can uplift your mood no matter the occasion. For a song to have such a quality, no wonder it’s such a massive hit with the fans.

Listen to “Say It” on Spotify