Brandon Holmes Named GoPreneurs Executive Coach of The Year

GoPreneurs, the leading platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders, has announced that Brandon Holmes has been named the Executive Coach of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes Brandon’s exceptional innovative approach to mentoring, and his remarkable success in helping high-level executives and leaders achieve their goals in and outside of the boardroom

Years of Experience as an Executive Coach

Brandon Holmes has coached thousands of high-level performers in the aspects of sales, recruiting, and management over the past 20 years in the different companies he’s led. He’s also spent the greater part of the past decade hyper-focused on the one on one mentoring and specific group coaching model as an executive coach and has developed a personal roadmap for success called the B.Print. He currently coaches 20 specific high-level executives one per year but also has a few dozen groups where he has brought many more to success over the years.

A Successful Entrepreneur Himself

Brandon Holmes has built multiple companies over his career. One of the more notable was his solar company, UNTD Energy & UNTD Builders, which became one of the most prominent sales engines and EPC in the country. His experience as a successful entrepreneur gives him unique insights into how to build and grow successful businesses in any and all disciplines

Coaching Beyond Business Acumen

Brandon’s coaching includes guiding executives and high-level leaders through every aspect of their lives. He does this by having them focus on their ‘SEMPS’ inside the ‘Generals Tent’. This is where he works on high-level PMA and anchoring techniques through neurolinguistic mechanisms, allowing those he teaches to tap into their spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and, social well-being. He has a knack for storytelling to convey true principles citing General Lee’s philosophy, ‘that the battles are won in the ‘Generals Tent’, by incorporating ancient Chinese parables of ‘swallowing your frog’.

He believes that true success doesn’t come just from business acumen, but, that financial success is a mere byproduct that only comes after you’ve learned how to balance the SEMPS of your personal life by using his ‘wheel of life’ technique. 

Social Media Following

Brandon Holmes is known as “B” and  “BHolmes” on social media, and in real life as well, where he has thousands of followers on Instagram and Tiktock who follow him for his educational and motivational content. His podcast called “Doors II Success” features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, past students, and success stories of the BPrint,  where he teaches his audience about both business and life.

The GoPreneurs Executive Coach of the Year award is a testament to Brandon Holmes’ exceptional abilities as an executive coach and high-end Mentor, as he’s exemplified tried and true leadership over the past 2 decades. Congratulations to Brandon on this well-deserved recognition!