Between Multiple Business Owner And Family Man – Alec Martin Is A True Leader

The young entrepreneur who is better known as Astyle Alive has numerous successful companies under his belt. His ability to grow professionally as well as personally has multiple factors. 

A successful real estate agency, a high quality hemp product brand, a wife, a son & a family to take care of. A lot of blessings, as well as responsibilities. Performing to our own satisfaction on every level at the same time can fill us with stress, anxiety and the feeling of overwhelming. 

There are a few people in our society that seem to have a special talent to be high performers. People whose day seems to have a few extra hours, whose battery seems to have a booster. Alec Martin is one of those people. The young entrepreneur, who was given the nick name Astyle Alive for his lively appearance, has found success in multiple avenues.

Writing success stories

One of his most recent success stories is the one of his real estate agency One Umbrella Enterprise Inc.. The agency concentrates on commercial and luxury residential listings in multiple states, including New York, Georgia, Maryland and Florida. In addition, Alec Martin’s team of associates offer credit services such as consulting and credit repair. The brand has established itself in the market and is constantly expanding, growing its portfolio.

The latest brand launched by the success blessed entrepreneur is called Tranquil. The progressive brand offers high quality CBD products with a concept that separates their goods from the mainstream market. A scientific and educating approach to the industry has gained acknowledgment and endorsement by several successful athletes and fitness professionals.

Coming January 2021, Astyle Alive is meeting investors in the United Kingdom in talks over a worldwide placement and expansion of the brand. Another success story in the making for Martin.

And behind all that dedication and termination? A faithful man that humbly credits his rewards to his family and god. He expresses that a tight knit family like his can carry you through any struggle – and promises to pay back by securing stepping stones for his family’s future. Alec Martin knows his blessings, and is ready to add more.